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Benefits of Moving from the West Coast to the East Coast

Posted in Coping With Relocation on October 12, 2021

The North Atlantic shoreline has always been one of the most attractive destinations for life, and this trend continues. Moderate climate conditions, the abundance of sunny days, and a wide range of job opportunities are the main reasons why Americans are moving from the West Coast to East Coast. If you were wondering: why should I move to the East Coast, here is a definite answer!

Deciding where to live means you will have to consider a number of factors like quality of life, education, cost of living, or housing options before making a final decision to move to a new state. The reasons that drive millions of Americans to move cross-country each year are diverse. Some of them relocate due to personal reasons, some of them because of better job opportunities, others simply because they want to start over again, or their dream is to move to a big city. But what drives people to move cross-country and leave the Pacific?

Why Do People Move From the West Coast to the East Coast?

The best thing about the East Coast is its diversity. One hundred miles of the Atlantic coastline, bustling urban cities, gorgeous beaches, and spectacular winters are only a few of the reasons why people choose to live here. If those advantages are intertwined with some personal reasons like getting a job in a new city or being closer to your family, then moving across the country will be a real win.

The Sun Rises in the East, and so Do Endless Opportunities

Another reason people are relocating from the West Coast to the East Coast is that specific feeling of vibrant energy and anonymity that only multi-million cities can offer. A sense of new beginnings where the possibilities for growth seem endless, a positive business climate, and an environment that makes the world go round definitely seem inspiring.

Don’t forget that the two most important American cities, New York and Washington DC, are located on the shoreline of the Atlantic Ocean.

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Some of the World-Class Universities Are Located Here

For fresh college students, relocation to the eastern part of the US will be a matter of prestige since some of the top-quality universities found their roots here. Harvard, Yale, Boston Massachusetts University, Princeton, and Columbia are undoubtedly the main reasons why young people plan a move to another city and opt for moving long-distance.

visiting Central Park is a must-do after moving long-distance to NY
European expats and students most usually choose EC

Sunny Florida Coastline Is Just Around the Corner

When it comes to one of the most desirable locations to live in the US, Florida definitely takes one of the highest positions. No matter if you’re about to retire, chasing a career, searching for a good real estate market to invest in, or looking for a weekend destination to get some rest – Florida has everything you need.

Gorgeous, endless sandy beaches and eternal summer combined with a lower cost of living and housing are some of the numerous advantages of this peninsula. Jacksonville, Pensacola, Fort Mayers, Melbourne, and Sarasota are among the 50 best places to live in America, and choosing this part of the States will give you a great chance to visit them all. We bet one of the first things to do after relocating is visit some of the breathtaking Florida beaches! It’s just something you shouldn’t miss.

The Quality of Life Is Considerably High

Urbanized cities with great infrastructure, a wide range of entertainment, high safety scores, and a top-notch educational system make this such a desirable destination to live. If you’re searching for an active lifestyle, then this is the best decision. High quality of life is something this part of the States can be proud of, and one of the greatest benefits of relocating you’ll get to enjoy.

You’ll Be Enjoying All Four Seasons

Sunny summer days, colorful autumn, and romantic winter when the enchanting Christmas atmosphere melts hearts are something to expect when choosing this part of the US to live in. Although winters and summers can be very harsh, both are still charming and inviting.

Florida is definitely worth visiting when moving abroad to the US
Enjoying all the benefits of a mild climate is something to expect in the eastern part of the States

This Might Offend Westerners, but It Is Said that Food Is Way Better Here

America’s East Coast is known as the land of comfort foods. Foodies say that, from pizza to hamburgers, everything is simply tastier here. Since there is such a variety of foods, we decided to present the best specialties of each state:

  • Connecticut and Maine serve the best lobster rolls you’ll ever taste, although they are slightly different. While lobster rolls are served hot in Connecticut, you’ll get them served cold in Maine, so don’t let this difference confuse you.
  • Pennsylvania is famous for its Philly cheesesteak (this already sounds so delicious). Melted cheese and thinly sliced beefsteak combined with fried onions is a must-try.
  • Boston, Massachusetts is definitely a dessert capital! Cream pie, cannolis, and donuts are the best-known delicacies of the city, and we’re sure you will love them.
  • Florida’s unique specialty – stone crabs filled with sweet meat is simply jaw-dropping.
  • Breakfast in New Jersey won’t be complete without a sandwich with a pork roll, egg, and cheese. The best thing of all is you can recreate it easily in your home!
  • When in New York, a bagel is a must-try breakfast, while the Jewish-American delicacy, pastrami on rye is a great option for a light lunch.

Taking a food tour when visiting some of these places is definitely the best way to taste all the specific dishes of the area.

after moving cross-country to the East Coast, don’t skip trying some of the best specialties of the area
Ready for a real American feast? There is no chance you won't like all the delicacies.

The Economy Is Still Strong and Offers Different Job Options

Although California and Silicon Valley, with the rest of the west, have reported significant growth over the past decade, the East Coast is still the leading region. Don’t forget that the Big Apple is considered the financial capital of the world, not only America, and it is still the center of media, publishing, and new technology, which are defined as the state’s most significant industries. Just the NY metro region reports a GMP (Gross Metropolitan Product) of more than $1.66 trillion.

What Are the Job Opportunities Offered in the Region?

If you’re looking for a steady job, be it in the IT sector, healthcare, finances, services, trade, education, law, or any similar and more traditional career, then this part of the country is the best place to start. In addition to this, keep in mind that it is home to some of the world’s best-known technology and biotech companies since a considerable number of research institutions and labs (Harvard’s iLab) operate in cooperation with prestigious universities.

Getting a job before you move is definitely one of the smartest things you could do. However, if you’re looking for an opportunity to move without a job and start all over again, this part of the States is also a good choice. In case you’re looking for your entrepreneurial chance and have a product that will help companies become even more efficient, this is the right place to present your pitch.

Another thing to keep in mind: although the business climate is more formal in the eastern US, they are pretty direct in their business communication and love and appreciate a good sense of humor. Despite the great influence on the American economy the West Coast has had, this is still the seat of the biggest companies in the nation. This shows how important this region is for further economic development.

a girl preparing for cross-country moving to find a new job
Although California is considered the fastest growing economy in the US, numbers show the east is still ahead

The Cost of Living Is Pretty Bearable Outside of NYC

Undeniably, NYC is one of the most expensive cities to live in in the world. However, that doesn’t mean the whole region is on the same track. Living outside of NY will not only provide you with a slower-paced lifestyle but also with lower costs. Here is what you should know before deciding to organize your move to a specific area in order to avoid some crucial moving mistakes.

How Costs of Living Look in Some of the Best Cities to Live In?

For instance, living in Boston is around 20% more affordable than in NY. At the same time, the cost of living in Jacksonville, Florida is almost 50% lower than in NY. Here is a detailed comparison of some of the best cities to live in in 2022 that will help you understand how the expenses look.

City & State: Monthly average salary Rent for 1 bedroom in the city center Rent for 3 bedrooms in the city center Monthly utilities Lower than NY %
Boston, MA $5,600 $2,700 $4,400 $190 Around 20%
Jacksonville, FL $4,250 $1,200 $1,800 $150 Around 50%
Washington, D.C. $5,700 $2,300 $4,160 $160 Around 20%
Portland, ME $3,360 $1,585 $2,400 $130 Around 50%
Charleston, SC $4,370 $1,700 $2,600 $220 Around 30%
New York City $6,300 $3,000 $6,200 $160 /

Is It Cheaper to Live on the East or West Coast?

Although most of the western region is considered cheaper since some of the most expensive cities in the world are located along the Atlantic, it doesn’t have to be a rule. Depending on the place you choose, the expenses will differ. Relocation to a small town is always more preferable in terms of costs. That’s why you should make a detailed comparison of all costs – including tax regulations, before choosing where to set up a new home, as well as exploring house hunting tips that could save you a lot of money!

If we compare the two most expensive cities on the two coasts – New York and San Francisco in California, you may find yourself surprised that renting prices are nearly 17% higher in SF than in NY. Moreover, to cover all the costs that include the rent, you’ll need around $8,480 in San Francisco, while for the same lifestyle in NY, you have to set aside $8,100.

Moving across the country for a job is one of the main reasons why people relocate
Whether you want a more traditional career or have an entrepreneurial spirit, there are opportunities for all

How to Make Moving From the West Coast to the East Coast Easier? Choose the Right Option to Facilitate the Process

Moving cross-country is neither an easy decision to make nor an easy process to organize. While dealing with emotional struggles, the tasks on your to-do list can cause even more anxiety about moving out. And we suppose you’re already guessing this is a potent ground to start procrastinating. We don’t doubt that your final goal is to move as efficiently as possible, and here are all the essential details to know how to do it!

Hire Professional Long-Distance Movers to Streamline the Whole Long-Distance Moving Process to a New Home

The solution for a stress-free moving experience, especially if you’re relocating to another state alone, is hiring professional cross-country movers who will provide you with all the cross-country moving services you need. Whether you need car shipping or just want to make the relocation easier, booking packing services and finding a reliable mover will save you a lot of nerves.

Movers are also the most reliable source to find the definite answer to the question of how much does it cost to move from the West Coast to the East Coast, and how to set a relocation budget. They will estimate the size of your move in the most accurate way and tell you how much movers cost

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