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Looking for Romantic Things to Do in Denver? Here Are Our Top 10 Date Ideas

Posted in City Guides on June 17, 2022

If you’re starting a new adventure in the Mile High City, you’re probably concerned about whether there are romantic things to do in Denver? Well, you don’t have anything to worry about! With the dramatic Rocky Mountains and breathtaking sunsets that can’t compete with any other on the planet, you won’t have to spend much time thinking about where the next place to take your partner will be.

#1 Try Out a Paddle Boat Ride During Summertime in City Park

Having a splendid day with your partner after cross-country moving services can be tricky. Dealing with all the tasks and thinking about packing service can surely be a fun killer. Luckily, you’re relocating to one of the best cities for millennials, so if you’re asking yourself, “Where should I go on a date in Denver?” start with visiting the City Park.

If you want to be adventurous, you can rent a kayak or a pedal boat on Ferril Lake. It’s a sweet spot for a couple to spend the afternoon on the water, surrounded by green lawns and trees. However, if you want to do something else after renting a paddle boat, you can visit the Zoo and Museum of Nature and Science.

Enjoy a Free Date Watching the Most Beautiful Sunset at Washington Park

Moving to Colorado and its capital means a lot of things, including exploring the local cost of living and where you’ll live. But if you’re moving without a job and have to plan a lovely day with your partner, you’re probably wondering, “What to do in Denver when you’re broke?” Luckily, this place has numerous free options for your charming event.

In fact, all you have to do is bring a blanket and a basket with your favorite snacks and drinks and leave the rest to Washington Park’s fantastic sunset. You can even come a bit earlier and walk through gorgeous gardens and green lawns and fill up with positive energy just by looking at lakes. You’ll quickly see why the state capital is among the top 10 US green cities.

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#2 Have a Couples Spa Day at Some of the Numerous Hotels

Taking a break from everyday activities and tasks sounds appealing to you both? Then having a spa day together is always recommended. And there’s no better idea than doing it in a hotel or resort by the beach. Relaxing your body and mind might just be the greatest romance one could ask for.

This could be highly beneficial for people who have just moved. All the thinking about where you should move and all tasks to do after the move can negatively affect you and your significant other. So, take a break and do something nice for you both. Book a fine and relaxing datetime and regenerate your body and soul.

Check Some of the Best Romantic Hotels and Resorts by the Beach for the Utmost Relaxation

Take into account the pro-tip when you’re relocating for love – do it with professional cross-country movers. That way, you’ll have the effortless relocation and surely more energy to research the perfect hotel where you and your partner will have the utmost relaxation. If you’re into luxurious spas, you should consider the historic Brown Palace Hotel. However, if you want to spice it up, you can look for a hotel on a beach and surprise your significant other.

A couple hugging
Get all the relaxation you can by staying at one of Denver's amazing hotels

#3 Visit the Capital’s Art Districts for the Loving Experience

Living in Denver surely will bring you numerous benefits, and the local art scene is surely one of the reasons to move here. There are many artistic places you could visit that are also located in the safest neighborhoods in Denver, allowing you to explore them with your partner freely and without any worries.

River North Art District

A trendy neighborhood north of Downtown, RiNo will offer you numerous contemporary art galleries and chic concert venues where you can listen to jazz, drink delicious cocktails and eat excellent meals.

Santa Fe Art District

Check the First Fridays Art Walk, where you can visit many galleries and try different meals at numerous bars and restaurants.

Golden Triangle Creative District

Home to a famous Denver Art Museum, you should definitely check what this district offers. Consider some hidden gems like Molly Brown House Museum and Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art.

#4 Plan a Unique Date Night Scavenger Hunt

Is Denver a romantic city? The answer would be yes because everyone has a different explanation of the term romantic. For some, it is an intimate dinner; for others, it’s a more active date version. If you’re more into the second kind, then a scavenger hunt could be a great option.

It’s a unique idea to impress your significant other, no matter if it’s the first or the 50th date. That way you can make new and exciting memories, take some funny photos, and find new hot places. So, keep in mind if you’re more for a dynamic adventure with your partner, check the duration of the hunt and have an amazing time. If you are looking for some great ideas, check the video below and see how a man planned his wife’s birthday scavenger hunt.

#5 Cook Together and Have a Memorable Adventure

Cooking together is always a fun thing to do. And the greatest part is that you don’t need to be a food expert to do it. In fact, you can check for some cooking classes and sign up for both. After the class, you can get together and try to make the same meal in a more intimate atmosphere.

This could be a great opportunity for those who are moving out for the first time and starting to live on their own. Not only will you have a perfect time, but you won’t have to worry about the food part while organizing a move. In fact, this date night could be one of the great benefits of moving. And just thinking about it could help you move more efficiently.

#6 Organizing a Wine Tour Can Be a Very Good Thing

When you want the ultimate romantic activity that will remain imprinted in your partner’s mind, you should definitely consider wine tasting. Although this capital is more known for its breweries (it’s home to around 150), there are some wineries that stand out. So, if you like the sophistication and intimacy wineries provide, count on this relatively inexpensive activity for a couple. One of the famous local wineries you could check out is Balistreri. It has lovely gardens and indoor spaces as well.

#7 Explore Some Downtown Restaurants and Enjoy a Good Meal Over Some Music

Exploring some fun things to do in Denver for couples isn’t as easy as you might think. First, you need to know what your partner will like the most and whether you should explore things to do in Denver at night or if you’re more of a day person. But, if you think about it, you really can’t go wrong with a good restaurant with an intimate atmosphere, great wine list, and smooth vinyl records sound. If this sounds more than a perfect combination, then you definitely need to check Downtown’s restaurants. And the amazing thing is that you can’t go wrong with any place you choose.

Set table in a restaurant
Listen to good music in an intimate atmosphere

#8 Nature Lovers Can Go on a Hike at One of the Numerous Parks

One of the facts that amaze most people is the fact that Mile High City has more than 200 parks on about 500 acres of land. It surely isn’t something you expect when moving across the country to a big city, right? However, if your partner is all about nature and recreational stuff, simple walking or having a picnic is a great way to go, and it won’t cost an arm and a leg because most parks are free. Here are some of the parks you need to consider:

  • Cheesman Park,
  • Sloan’s Lake Park,
  • Confluence Park,
  • Central Park,
  • Civic Center Park,
  • Berkeley Park.

How Do You Celebrate Your Anniversary in Denver Outdoors?

Is Denver a good place to love? Most definitely, yes, especially if you both are nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The Colorado capital has numerous outdoor activities, but indeed the one place you need to experience is Red Rocks Park, a famous outdoor amphitheater. It’s outside the city, so you can go on a road trip or a hike and enjoy amazing views. If you move with pets, bring them, too. Your furry friends will enjoy nature as well.

People riding bicycles after cross-country moving
Nature lovers will have plenty of options here

#9 Watch a Drive-in Movie With Your Partner

If both of you are movie lovers, why not simply take your date to a movie? Once you move to Denver, you can spice it up and enjoy a big screen outdoors. If this sounds appealing, then you should definitely check the 88 Drive-In Theater, where you can watch a movie from the comfort of your own car. It’s a great way to enjoy the movie but with more privacy.

However, this kind of event surely will require you to have your four-wheeler by your side. So, when moving cross country, ensure you hire professional long-distance movers that will ship your car efficiently. After all, the experienced shippers surely know a top-notch tip or two for making the entire process smooth.

A close-up photo of a red car
Spice up a simple movie watch by going to a drive-in theater

#10 Go Simple and Have a Cup of Coffee at Some Great Places

If moving to a new state like Colorado takes a lot of energy, but you still want to spend some lovely time with your partner, don’t despair! Its capital has many simple options for couples who just want to grab a cup of amazing coffee. This doesn’t take much time and energy, and all you need to do is check some cute and top-rated cafeterias and bars in a few of Denver’s neighborhoods. So, check some of the places that will ensure you have a simple yet great time:

  • Little Owl Coffee,
  • Corvus Coffee Roasters,
  • Crema Coffee House,
  • Thump Coffee.

Explore Which Romantic Things to Do in Denver, Colorado Suit You and Have a Date to Remember

Long-distance moving has been stressful enough, and getting around the new place hasn’t been any easier. But when it comes to celebrating love, you surely want to give your best and explore all things for couples to do in Denver. So, cut yourself some slack. After all, you’ve done an amazing job exploring all the options out there. Pick the perfect option for you and your partner, and you’ll both have a pleasant time together.

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