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Pros and Cons of Moving During the Fall

Posted in Moving Tips & Tricks,Planning the Move on September 28, 2022

Make sure you know everything about relocating during a particular time of the year. You don’t want to realize that you’ve made a mistake once the cross-country movers begin loading the truck. We’ll share with you the pros and cons of moving during the fall so you can be confident in your decision. For some, fall is perfect for relocating, while others may disagree. But, with our list of benefits and downsides, you won’t have to worry.

The Main Advantage of Moving During Fall – Lower Rates of Cross-Country Moving Services

There is a significant difference between the price of summer moves and fall moves. The busiest period for long-distance movers is from mid-April to September. The companies are usually fully booked, and it can be difficult to schedule and hire reliable movers since everyone wants to relocate before school starts.

However, after the summer relocation rush finishes, fewer people want to invest in relocation services. The companies have more availability, so they lower their prices. It will be much easier to ask for discounts, and movers are more willing to schedule your move according to your needs and preferences.

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Consider Our Tips for Finding a Trustworthy Relocation Company

There are essential relocation tips everyone should follow when searching for a long-distance moving company. If you want to move safely without the fear of losing your precious belongings in relocation scams, ensure you browse through different moving companies online.

Don’t contact any before you conduct thorough research. Read reviews, comments, and testimonials and look for their history complaints on the Better Business Bureau website. After you find potentially reliable companies, ask your family members and friends for their advice. The best recommendations can be given by the people who work in real estate. If you know someone, contact them and ask for information.

Before choosing a relocation company, reach out to at least three different firms and request an in-home estimate. Compare the quality, price, and how willing the company is to cater to your requirements. Only after being certain that you are not dealing with a rogue mover can you go ahead and hire the company.

Movers holding a rolled carpet
Research thoroughly before conducting any companies

Autumn Weather Is Great for Relocating – Plan and Pack Without Worrying About Heat or Freezing Temperatures

The first association with winter moves is icy roads and snow, while the first association with a summer move is sweltering heat. All this is not an issue for people who choose to move during the fall. It is a much more comfortable and pleasant experience than any other season. The days are still warm, and there are periods when there are slightly lower temperatures.

Particularly people who will be relocating to the West Coast can experience slightly cooler weather, but it is still pleasant for all activities. The best part of the year in this region is between September to November. Also, one will have more sunny days to enjoy in autumn when relocating from the East Coast to West Coast.

How Should You Prepare for Moving Cross Country in Autumn?

So, how do you move in the fall? Our relocation guide will let you in on the perfect strategy for organizing an autumn move. The key is to have a to-do list that will contain all the necessary tasks that need to be accomplished before relocation day.

One of the most important tips is to pack over a longer period of time. This means that you can pack electronics, furniture, essentials, and valuables gradually over two months. Start with the items you use the least, while the last items you should pack are the things you use on a daily basis.

Also, think about the weather conditions. Prepare for chilly or rainy weather. Ensure you wear appropriate clothing and have a change of clothes ready in an essentials bag. If it rains, put plastic on the floor so that your long-distance movers don’t bring mud into the home while loading the truck.

Making a to-do list for moving cross country
With a good preparation strategy, your autumn move will be effortless

Home Prices Are Lower in Fall Since the Peak Season Is Over

The best part of the year for purchasing homes is autumn and winter. During the summer, prices skyrocket since people are relocating, and homeowners want to sell for the highest price possible.

When fall arrives, children start school, and parents continue with their work obligations which makes way for the price of the average house to fall from October to March.

Therefore, if you are going to move to a new city and don’t want to rent, it would be best to start looking for a house or an apartment during peak season and wait for the price to drop.

Here Are the Best Websites Where You Can Start the Search for a New Home

Whether you are planning to move to a big city or the countryside, popular house-hunting websites can provide you with up-to-date information on numerous available homes. Even though mortgage rates are constantly fluctuating and prices can depend on various factors, conducting your own research online is the best way to find a new house or an apartment. Here is where to start the search:

  • Homefinder,
  • Trula,
  • Realtor,
  • RealEstate,
  • Zillow,
  • ForSalebyOwner.

What About the Disadvantages? First of All, You Will Interfere With Children’s School Obligations

The main con of relocating during the fall is the start of school. People who are planning to move with their kids have to think about school transfers. The change of environment can be difficult for the child to cope with, so there is a danger that the children might experience the effects of relocation depression.

Many individuals change their decision since they don’t want to interfere with their children’s school obligations. But even though this can be a tough obstacle to overcome, there is a way you can make the transition more comfortable and smoother.

How Can You Prepare Your Children for Switching Schools?

Actually, children will adjust better to another school if they choose to move in the fall rather than the winter or spring. The school year has just begun, and it wouldn’t be a huge issue if they transfer in September and October.

Remember to have a conversation about the move with them as soon as possible. Show them pictures of the city and school they will be going to. Introduce them to all the ins and outs of the entire process and reply to all of their questions. Remember to highlight all the positive aspects and benefits of the move.

Once they start thinking in a positive way, you can plan to throw a going-away party where all of their family members and friends will come. This is a wonderful way for them to properly say goodbye to their friends and share meaningful memories.

Parent sitting next to children
Talk to your kids about the move

It Might Be More Difficult to Sell Your Old House

If you’ve not had a chance to sell your home during the summer, it might be more challenging to do it in the fall. The lack of demand will interfere with the price as well, so you might not get to sell it for the price you originally wanted.

Many potential buyers don’t want to uproot their children or invest in relocation and packing services. Other homebuyers, who, for example, work in the educational sector, are returning to their obligations and are waiting for the summer to start their search for a new house. But, if you are adamant about making a sale, it is possible to do it in record time if you follow our helpful advice.

Additional Tips for Selling a House or an Apartment as Fast as Possible

First, you need to make your home look appealing. You won’t get anyone interested in a messy and dirty home. Clean every room thoroughly and declutter. Decide what items are not worth keeping and ensure that you get rid of them.

Don’t neglect storage spaces and the basement, or think that you will solve the problem by cramming everything in one room. If you don’t know how to carry out a proper clean-up, invest in professional cleaning services.

Secondly, repair anything that is damaged. If there are missing tiles in the bathroom or the sink is leaking, remember to fix it before anyone comes. What is more, bear in mind that professional photography can be a great aid and attract more people to showings.

Find out more about selling tips and tricks in this great youtube video.

This Leaves Us With the Last Con – The Weather Can Be Unpredictable in the Fall

Yes, there are warm days in the fall that can make moving across country easier. But, one still has to consider the element of unpredictability. Individuals who wish to move from a northern climate have to bear in mind that there is a high probability of unexpected snowstorms that can occur in October and November.

On the other hand, some southern states might have to deal with sudden heat waves in September and October. But, even though the weather can be unpredictable in the fall, great strategy and organization can help you overcome any issue.


Is the Fall a Good Time to Move?

Even though there are some cons to relocation in the fall, such as kids’ school obligations and difficulty with selling a house, it is still one of the best seasons for a move. One doesn’t have to worry about exhausting heat and freezing temperatures, and the price of the relocation services is lower than during summertime. What is more, you will get a chance to buy a house more easily since the demand is usually low in October, November, and December.

What Is the Best Month of the Year to Move?

If you want to easily book long-distance movers and get the lowest price possible for their service, the best month to book a move in November or December.

However, if you want to get a low price but avoid low temperatures, April is the best choice. But, it might not be suitable for parents with school-age children.

What Is the Most Common Time of Year to Move?

People most commonly move during spring and summertime. Just when the snow begins to melt, and there are more sunny and warm months on the way, people choose to pack their belongings and move to another state. Less difficulty with loading and unloading in spring and summertime makes these seasons ideal for a move.

With Our Tips for Moving During the Fall and Pros and Cons List, You’ll Make the Right Decision

Once you know the advantages and disadvantages of an autumn move, you’ll know what needs to be done and how to go about the entire process. Even though there are some challenges associated with this type of relocation, with thorough planning, one can easily solve any unexpected problem. Once you finally decide to move when the leaves start to fall, hire the most professional and experienced movers to help you get everything safely to a new address. Don’t forget to follow our useful advice and the move will be effortless.

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