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Top 7 Best Neighborhoods in Dallas

Posted in City Guides on May 4, 2022

If you’re looking to switch things up or even upscale to a better community, try moving to one of the best neighborhoods in Dallas, TX. The Big D is filled with all sorts of great and exciting places, meaning almost anyone can find a community that perfectly suits their interests. If you’re having trouble deciding where to move, one of our top seven picks should give you a better idea of what to expect in your search.

What Is the Best Area to Live in Dallas, Texas? That Depends on What You’re Looking for

Looking for a new house or apartment when relocating to a big city like the Big D isn’t easy. While some places are undoubtedly better than others, the final choice will mostly depend on your current budget, needs, and preferences. A single young adult will probably have a completely different idea in mind from someone moving with a family. Failing to research the neighborhood before buying or renting a property is one of the more common moving mistakes, which is why you need to check the following things when looking for a new home:

  • Real estate value,
  • Available housing,
  • Commute and parking,
  • Crime rates,
  • Public and private schools,
  • Additional amenities.

If you still can’t decide where to live on your own, you can’t go wrong by picking any of the seven places we listed in this blog. The Big D is very diverse, so you’re bound to find a place that suits your needs and preferences.

Three people looking for cross country movers
Take everything into account before picking a community

#1 Check Out Uptown, a Lively Neighborhood Just North of Downtown

Anyone who wants to experience true urban living needs to move to Uptown. It’s perfect for those who always want to be close to the action, as you’ll never get bored of everything it has to offer. As the name suggests, the entire neighborhood is filled with all sorts of shops, venues, museums, bars, and restaurants. Despite being densely urban, it’s incredibly walkable and pedestrian-friendly, so much you won’t even need a car to get around.

While Downtown and other more popular commercial areas are very close, you will also have a ton of excellent outdoor opportunities. The Katy Trail, Turtle Creek Parks, and Reverchon Park are right next to the neighborhood, making it a perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts and anyone relocating with pets. The only downside is the cost of living here, as the median home value of $560,000 and rent of $1,750 are relatively high compared to the city as a whole.

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This Is One of the Best Dallas Neighborhoods to Live in if You Are a Single Young Professional

The community is incredibly popular among the younger generations. According to the most recent demographics, over 40% of Uptown’s residents are aged 25 to 34, while families with children represent only 6% of all households. Apartment buildings and townhomes represent the majority of the housing, and renters occupy about 80% of homes. This, along with its amenities, easily makes it one of the better places to live in Dallas for singles.

With all this in mind, it’s not surprising Niche ranks it as the 2nd best neighborhood for young professionals. Considering the community is very popular, try to organize your important documents and deal with all the necessary moving expenses before you start looking for a place. If you don’t sign a lease right away, you might end up packing furniture and other large items for nothing. When you’re last-minute moving across the country, it’s a lot smarter to contact long-distance movers and get some packing services to assist you with the preparations.

Downtown Dallas skyline
Moving to Uptown will put you within walking distance of all the Downtown amenities

#2 Bishop Arts District Is an Excellent Community for Just About Anyone

While it initially served as a warehouse district, Bishop Arts District quickly became one of the most interesting places in the city. This incredibly hip community is known for being the largest art district in the entire country, with a strong Hispanic influence in every part of the community. It houses countless independent galleries, museums, and art venues while also featuring many restaurants, entertainment options, and public events. People from all over town come here to see live performances at the Bishop Arts Theatre Center and movies at the Texas Theater.

While all the art and entertainment amenities make the district great for young adults, it’s a pretty good place for families as well. In fact, over 40% of households represent families with children under 18. It has an abundance of spacious single-family homes, perfect for couples who want to start living together. If you’re moving with children, you’ll also appreciate that the area is served by several excellent public schools.

Unless You’re Living Somewhere Rent-Free, You’ll Hardly Find Apartments That Are This Affordable

If you’re looking to live relatively close to Downtown without having to pay a fortune, this is the community for you. While the neighborhood’s median home value of $224,000 might not be the most affordable in the Big D, the median rent of $800 is undoubtedly one of the city’s lowest. With costs of living that are pretty low even on the national level, it’s not surprising that almost 70% of households are renting. If you have a limited relocation budget, this is the place for you.

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You'll have a much easier time finding an affordable apartment in Bishop Arts District

#3 Highland Park Is One of the Wealthiest Places in the Entire County

What is the most prestigious neighborhood in Dallas? With a median household income of $211,000, that title has to go to Highland Park. It was even ranked as Texas’s most affluent city by several credible outlets. Although the rich town is technically independent and not one of the neighborhoods of Dallas, it’s still one of the top places to live in the entire metropolitan area.

It features a ton of excellent real estate and several highly-rated public schools, which is why it’s often considered one of the top Dallas, Texas neighborhoods for families. However, the upscale community is not only about families. For starters, it features several great outdoor locations to explore along Turtle Creek. There’s also The Highland Park Village shopping plaza, the first self-contained shopping center in the country.

Living in One of the Most Affluent Cities Doesn’t Come Cheap

Living in one of the most affluent places in the Big D doesn’t come cheap. The town’s median home value of $1.5 million is easily one of the highest in the state and the country overall. However, even though there’s barely any real estate below $750k, over 80% of all properties are occupied by owners. Even renting is not much more affordable, as the medium rent of $2,275 more than doubles Dallas’s $1,050. That means that relocating without a job here won’t be a really good option.

On that note, how much money would you need to move here? Considering an average resident earns over $100k per year, you would have to be pretty wealthy to buy a house here. If money is not a problem, you have nothing to worry about. Simply hire some of the best cross-country movers and have a stress-free move. Letting a long-distance moving company move your piano and all the expensive, fragile items will give you enough time to plan how you’re going to redecorate the place once you move in.

If you want to learn more about this place, the video below will give you a quick tour of the area and showcase some of the exquisite local real estate.

#4 University Park Is One of the Safest Places in the Big D

Although technically independent, University Park is often looked upon as a part of the Big D. Considering the city is located immediately north of the previous entry, it’s not surprising that the two Dallas suburbs share many similarities. But why is this one an excellent place to live in exactly?

Besides housing the Southern Methodist University and several excellent schools, it has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire area. This easily makes it one of the safest Dallas, TX neighborhoods. However, housing is still pretty expensive, with a median home value of $1.3 million and a monthly rent of $2,070. Most of the homes are gorgeous, though, so they are well worth the price.

Are There Any Interesting Things to Do Here?

While it might seem like a generic wealthy town, University Park has many interesting amenities you can explore. For starters, did you know that it houses a replica of the Oval Office? Visit the George W. Bush Presidential Center museum to see for yourself. For something more casual, check out the Snider Plaza.

Residents love to gather there as it serves as an entertainment and shopping center for the entire community. Curtis Park next to it is an excellent place for outdoor activities, particularly for those who enjoy tennis. If you ever get bored and want to explore Downtown, you can get there in about 15 minutes.

The Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX
The Southern Methodist University is one of the city's most recognizable landmarks

#5 Preston Hollow Is a Great Choice for Anyone Looking to Upscale

Preston Hollow is one of North Dallas’ top communities. The neighborhood features some of the city’s biggest properties, from large mansions to single-family raunchy homes. Besides the beautiful oak-lined streets, the community houses some of the city’s most prestigious private schools. It houses many of the city’s elite, including notable politicians like the former U.S. President George W. Bush.

If you’re looking to upscale, Preston Hollow is an excellent choice. The median home value of $1.03 million and rent of $1,900 are slightly more affordable than our previous two options. The only downside is that you’ll often have to travel to get to some good amenities. If you can get past that, book some cross-country moving services and start organizing your move right away.

#6 Lakewood Is Perfect for Nature Lovers and Outdoor Enthusiasts

Lakewood is a perfect community for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Located on the west shore of White Rock Lake, it provides a ton of excellent opportunities, including exploring the nearby Arboretum and Botanical gardens. The surrounding areas are great for hiking and biking, while the lake’s smooth waters are perfect for sailing and kayaking. However, these are not the only things this community has to offer.

There are several public events throughout the year, but you can also enjoy some nighttime activities in the nearby establishments such as Balcony Club and the Lakewood Landing. It’s also served by some of Texas’ finest schools, making it a solid choice for both families and singles. When it comes to the cost of living, the median home value of $608,200 might still be too high for some. Thankfully, the median rent of $1,500 is relatively affordable.

A sunset over a lake
Sunsets over the White Rock Lake truly make moving here worthwhile

#7 Homebuyers Will Love the Affordable Hollywood Heights – Santa Monica

As you might have noticed, most of the places we mentioned so far had a very high land value, which most of us won’t be able to afford within a reasonable time. Buying a house in the Big D doesn’t have to be expensive, though, as Hollywood Heights – Santa Monica has some of the city’s most affordable real estate.

The median home value of $196,600 is relatively inexpensive, especially considering it has many amenities in the nearby areas. It’s also pretty safe, so you have nothing to lose by moving cross country here.

You can get some excellent real estate for a very reasonable price in this community

Relocating to One of the Best Neighborhoods in Dallas–Fort Worth? Hire the Best Dallas, TX Movers to Assist You

If one of the places we mentioned sparked your interest, or you found some other community that suits your needs, start preparing for the move right away. Considering there are a ton of things to consider when relocating to a new state, know that it can take up to several months to prepare everything appropriately.

Whether you’re relocating to another state alone or with family, you want to choose a relocation company that could help you complete most of the relocation-related tasks on your to-do list within a day. This will allow you to move more efficiently and leave you more time to prepare for other things that need to be done after the relocation.

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