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Moving to Orlando – A Comprehensive Guide for New Residents

Posted in City Guides on December 1, 2023

Moving to Orlando, Florida, can be an exhilarating adventure filled with the promise of sunshine, world-class entertainment, and a vibrant community. Whether you’re relocating for work, seeking a change of scenery, or simply drawn to the enchantment of the “Theme Park Capital of the World,” this comprehensive guide will help you achieve a smooth transition into the heart of Central Florida.

This comprehensive guide has covered various aspects of moving to Orlando, FL. From the city’s desirable qualities, housing options, job opportunities, and preparation for its unique weather and hurricane season to exploring the diverse culture, family-friendly neighborhoods, and the advantages of professional moving services, you now have a well-rounded understanding of what to expect and how to make the most of the move to the City Beautiful.

Why Choose Orlando?

Orlando, Florida, beckons as an exceptional destination for a multitude of reasons. It’s renowned worldwide for its iconic theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld, offering endless entertainment possibilities. Beyond the attractions, the city boasts a thriving job market, a diverse economy, and the financial perk of no state income tax. The city’s dynamic neighborhoods, cultural vibrancy, and culinary scene make it an inviting place to call home.

The Climate and Weather in Orlando

Different climates can sometimes be difficult to adjust to, but the O-Town’s climate is a major draw, with year-round sunshine and mild winters. Summers are hot and humid, with daily highs in the 80s to low 90s°F, accompanied by afternoon thunderstorms. Winters are pleasantly mild, with daytime temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to mid-70s°F. Rare cold snaps and snowfall are part of the city’s charm.

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Preparing for the Move

Preparing for a move requires careful consideration and planning to ensure a smooth transition to a new home in the Sunshine State. Let’s run through the essential steps, from creating a relocation timeline to budgeting for the move, and provide invaluable long-distance moving tips and resources to ease the process. Whether you’re moving for work, family, or a change of scenery, the key to a successful and efficient move to the O-Town begins with thorough preparation.

Planning the Relocation Timeline

Creating a well-structured relocation timeline is crucial to managing the logistics of the move effectively. Start by setting a firm moving date and work backward, outlining tasks such as finding a place to live, securing employment if necessary, and coordinating the transportation of your belongings. By breaking down the process into manageable steps, you can reduce relocation stress and ensure that no essential detail is overlooked.

Budgeting for the Move to Orlando

Moving to a new city entails various expenses, from packing and transportation costs to setting up the new household. To avoid financial surprises, it’s essential to create a detailed relocation budget. Estimate and plan for expenses such as cross-country moving services, housing costs, utilities, and other relocation essentials. With a well-considered budget in place, you can make informed decisions about the move and ensure a financially smooth transition to the O-Town.

Essential Moving Tips and Resources

Moving cross country can be a challenging process, but with the right relocation tips and resources at your disposal, it can become more manageable. Start with a well-organized relocation checklist that outlines tasks from decluttering to packing and hiring long-distance movers. Watch this video for more relocation tips.

Research local utilities, schools, and healthcare providers in the area. Consider budgeting for expenses like moving and packing services and temporary storage. Additionally, tap into online resources, local government websites, and community groups for valuable information and support during the relocation process. These tips and resources will help you navigate the complexities of moving and ensure a successful transition.

A woman counting money
When budgeting, consider the costs of professional moving services

Finding a Place to Live

Securing the perfect place to call home is a pivotal step in the journey to the Sunshine State. Whether you’re looking for a temporary apartment rental or considering a long-term commitment, the City Beautiful offers a diverse range of housing choices, from apartments and condos to single-family homes and townhouses.

Popular Neighborhoods for Newcomers

Orlando’s neighborhoods each offer a unique blend of characteristics, catering to different lifestyles and interests. From the urban energy of downtown Orlando to the family-friendly suburbs of Windermere and Winter Park, the city offers a good neighborhood for everyone. Whether you prioritize proximity to work, excellent schools, or a lively arts scene, you’ll find the perfect place for you.

Renting vs. Buying in Orlando

One critical decision you’ll need to make when relocating is whether to rent or buy a home. Each option comes with its own set of advantages and considerations. The benefits of renting include flexibility and lower initial costs, while homeownership offers building equity and long-term stability. By weighing the pros and cons of each option in the context of your unique circumstances and goals, you’ll be better prepared to make the housing decision that aligns with your vision for life in the O-Town.

Open house sign
Do thorough research on the neighborhood and the pros and cons of renting and buying

Find a Well-Paid Job

Finding gainful employment is a significant aspect of settling in. Whether you’re moving to Orlando without a job, seeking fresh opportunities, or entering the job market, this section will provide valuable guidance on navigating the City Beautiful’s job scene. The city’s economy is diverse, with a strong presence in sectors like tourism, healthcare, technology, and more.

Top Employers in Orlando

The City Beautiful is home to a range of prominent employers spanning multiple industries. These employers not only contribute to the city’s robust economy but also offer numerous job opportunities for residents and newcomers. Among the notable employers are the world-renowned theme parks, including Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, and SeaWorld. These entertainment giants employ a vast workforce, covering a wide range of roles from hospitality to entertainment.

In addition to the theme park industry, the O-Town hosts a thriving healthcare sector with institutions like AdventHealth and Orlando Health, providing healthcare services to residents and visitors alike. The city is also emerging as a tech hub, with companies like Lockheed Martin, Siemens, and various startups playing a significant role in the region’s technology and innovation landscape.

Furthermore, the hospitality and tourism sector is a key driver of employment, given the city’s status as a popular tourist destination. With numerous hotels, restaurants, and event venues, this industry offers a multitude of job opportunities, especially for those with a passion for customer service and hospitality.

A man on a job interview after moving cross-country
Orlando offers a wide variety of employment opportunities

Go Over the Cost of Living

Knowing the cost of living in Orlando is essential for planning a successful move to the city. To help you assess the budget and financial expectations, we’ve compiled a table below that outlines key cost categories and average expenses associated with living in the City Beautiful. Keep in mind that these figures are approximate and can vary depending on your lifestyle and personal choices. Use this table as a starting point to estimate potential costs, and use sites like Numbeo to compare costs of living between two cities.

Cost Category Average Monthly Expense
Housing (Rent for 1-BR) $1,300 - $1,800
Utilities (Electricity, Water, Gas) $150 - $250
Groceries (for one person) $250 - $350
Transportation (Gas, public transit) $50 - $150
Healthcare (Health insurance, co-pays) $300 - $500
Dining out (Per meal) $10 - $20 (casual) to $50+ (fine dining)
Entertainment (Movies, events) $50 - $100

Look Into Education Options

When relocating with kids to a city like Orlando, it’s essential to explore education options, whether you’re pursuing higher education or seeking quality schools. From top-notch colleges and universities to primary and secondary schools, the O-Town offers a range of educational opportunities to cater to diverse needs and aspirations.

Explore Florida’s Top Colleges

Orlando boasts several esteemed colleges and universities that offer a wide array of academic programs and opportunities for higher education. Here are some of the top colleges in the area:

  • University of Central Florida (UCF) – UCF is one of the largest universities in the United States and is renowned for its diverse academic offerings, research initiatives, and vibrant campus life. It consistently ranks as a top university for innovation and offers a broad range of undergraduate, graduate, and professional degree programs.
  • Rollins College – Located in Winter Park, Rollins College is a private liberal arts institution known for its small class sizes, personalized education, and beautiful campus. It offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Valencia College – As one of the largest community colleges in Florida, Valencia College provides accessible education to the Orlando community. It offers affordable two-year associate degree programs and is often a stepping stone for students planning to transfer to four-year universities.
  • Florida Institute of Technology – This university offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in fields such as engineering, business, and aviation. It caters to students seeking specialized education in these areas.
  • Full Sail University – Full Sail specializes in programs related to the entertainment, media, and technology industries, offering degrees in fields like film, gaming, and digital media. It’s a popular choice for students pursuing careers in creative and technical fields.

Exploring Orlando – Beyond the Theme Parks

While Orlando is famous for its world-class theme parks, there’s so much more to discover in this vibrant city. This section will take you on a journey beyond the enchanting gates of the theme parks, unveiling a wealth of local experiences that showcase the city’s unique charm and diversity.

Orlando has over 100 beautiful lakes

Whether you’re a food enthusiast, culture connoisseur, or nature lover, the city has something to offer everyone.

Local Dining and Shopping Experiences

The city’s culinary scene is a delightful mosaic of flavors, reflecting its multicultural community. From cozy family-owned eateries to upscale dining establishments, the city offers an array of dining experiences. Explore international cuisine, savor fresh seafood, or indulge in Southern comfort food. Additionally, Orlando’s shopping options are equally diverse, with a range of malls, boutiques, and artisan markets. Whether you’re searching for designer fashion or handcrafted treasures, you’ll find plenty of retail therapy opportunities.

Cultural Attractions and Community Events

Immerse yourself in Orlando’s rich cultural tapestry by visiting museums, galleries, and performing arts venues. Discover the city’s history at the Orange County Regional History Center, admire contemporary art at the Orlando Museum of Art, or catch a live performance at the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts. The city’s community events calendar is always brimming with festivals, concerts, and cultural celebrations, providing opportunities to connect with the vibrant local scene.

Outdoor Activities and Nature Exploration

Orlando’s sunny, warm climate invites outdoor enthusiasts to explore its natural beauty. Enjoy a day at one of the many picturesque parks and lakes, perfect for picnics, hiking, and water sports. Take a scenic stroll through Harry P. Leu Gardens or venture to the nearby Wekiwa Springs State Park for a refreshing swim or kayaking adventure. With its abundance of outdoor activities, the O-Town is a paradise for those seeking an active and nature-filled lifestyle.

View of Lake Eola and Orlando
The city offers many lakes and opportunities for outdoor recreation

Embracing the True Magic of Orlando

In conclusion, Orlando is a city that goes far beyond its famous theme parks. While these iconic attractions certainly add to its allure, the city’s true magic lies in its diverse and thriving community. Welcome to a place where the magic isn’t just in the theme parks – it’s in every corner of this remarkable city. If you’re planning a move to the O-Town, contact us, and Cross Country Movers will make sure you have a stress-free relocation experience.


What Makes Orlando a Desirable Place to Live?

The city’s desirable qualities include its warm climate, diverse job market, world-renowned attractions, vibrant cultural scene, and a variety of neighborhoods to suit different lifestyles.

How Should I Prepare for the Weather in Orlando?

To prepare for the weather, expect hot and humid summers and mild winters. Ensure you have sunscreen, stay hydrated, and be ready for afternoon thunderstorms in the summer. For the rare hurricane threat, have an emergency kit and evacuation plan.

What Are the Best Neighborhoods for Families in Orlando?

Some great family-friendly neighborhoods include Windermere, Winter Park, Lake Nona, and Dr. Phillips, known for their good schools, safety, and amenities.

Is It Better to Rent or Buy a Home in Orlando?

The decision to rent or buy depends on your financial situation and long-term plans. Renting offers flexibility, while buying can build equity – consider your goals and budget.

How Can I Find Job Opportunities in Orlando?

You can find job opportunities by exploring job boards, networking, reaching out to local employers, and using job search websites. The city’s diverse economy offers a range of employment options.

How Can I Prepare for Orlando’s Hurricane Season?

Prepare for hurricane season by creating an emergency kit, having a family plan, securing your home, and staying informed through local authorities and weather updates.

Why Should I Consider Using a Professional Moving Service to Orlando?

Professional moving services can streamline the relocation by providing expertise, efficiency, and peace of mind. They handle logistics and offer efficient packing and transportation, making the move easier and less stressful.

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