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7 Things to Consider When Thinking About Living in the Countryside

Posted in Moving Tips & Tricks,Planning the Move on September 27, 2022

Living in the countryside can sound more than exciting. You’ll finally be able to avoid town busyness and noisiness and become one with nature. In reality, life in the backwood isn’t only about beautiful landscapes and flowers. There are still some things and potential challenges you should consider before deciding if relocating to an outland is the right choice for you and your family.

What Is It Like Living in the Countryside?

Residing in a fairly remote area may sound dreamy and possibly much better than a stressful city lifestyle to many people, especially those who haven’t lived in the province area before. So the question is – Is it better to live in the countryside? The truth is, both options have their benefits. For example, if you look at the mental health and overall medical records, you’ll notice that people in the province areas usually have less stress, fewer medical problems, and live a happier lifestyle – this is probably the main reason why living in the countryside is better than in the city.

On the other hand, in case something happens, they might not be able to get the proper medical care as people in big cities. Another thing is schooling options – there aren’t that many in the backwoods, but there also aren’t many students, so professors are more involved with each student and can easily notice if someone gets bullied, which isn’t the case in bigger cities. These are only some of the topics we’ll go through in the following article. In the end, it’s up to you to decide if you like staying around the outland and what benefits moving there can bring. 

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#1 Cost of Living Is Lower in the Country – No Matter If We’re Talking About Food, Real Estates or Other Expenses

One of the biggest benefits of living in the country is the affordability and much lower prices than in bigger cities. This is one of the main reasons to move to the backwoods. You can actually buy a much bigger home and property for a lower price and live with a whole family for the same cost as you would pay for one small apartment in a popular metropolitan area. Life in the backwoods doesn’t only mean lower real estate prices, as other costs are usually lower too. 

You can find that utilities, food, transportation, and other everyday expenses can also be lower. You can search for some specific area you’re interested in and compare it to bigger cities just to see the differences in prices. For example, is an online platform where you can find all the details about local expenses. This way, you can calculate if countryside living is a great option compared to your relocation budget

Another reason that staying in the backwoods is cheaper is that you don’t have many options for organizing your free time. There aren’t many fancy bars and restaurants, shopping malls and other places where people usually spend a lot of money in their free time. For a change, you have beautiful places to hike, ride a bike, go for long walks and explore natural beauties – all of this cost-free. You’ll notice that you live a much more active lifestyle and still spend much less on everyday activities. Check out this video to learn more about some affordable rural areas you can easily move to. 

#2 Staying in Rural Environment Is Overall Healthier

As we already mentioned, life in nature usually means a healthier lifestyle. You’ll probably spend more time outside, doing fun and entertaining activities, and stay in an area where the air is much healthier and pollution is much lower. This is much better for your overall health than spending your time in polluted cities where you have to travel for miles only to get to a natural environment. Small parks simply won’t be enough to replace the naturally healthier environment, so relocating to the backwoods is much recommended for people that have chronic lung and heart problems. 

Living in Backwoods Isn’t Stressful, so Buying a Home There Might Be Good for Your Mental Health

Moving can be stressful for sure, but the cost or relocation anxiety and stress is nothing compared to the peace you get once you move to the backwoods. Life here is often considered paradise – there are no traffic jams, no waiting in lines, no complicated schedules, and more privacy – you can finish all your responsibilities much faster and have free time for yourself to fill with memorable moments. It will be much easier to make plans with your new friends because you won’t be staying in different parts of the city, plus you should have less busy schedules. 

You’ll also have more time to spend with your family. In case you’re relocating with pets, this can also be very beneficial. Your pet will have the space it deserves, and you won’t experience the stress of looking for pet-friendly places where you can let your dog have fun and run around.

A girl hugging a dog
You'll have more opportunities to spend time outdoors with your kids and pets

#3 You’ll Avoid Traffic Jams, But You’ll Still Have Longer Commute Time Occasionally

One of the biggest advantages of staying in the backwoods is that there is no traffic jam at all. Roads are never busy because there aren’t many residents, plus you can get everything done in a short time, so driving around all day won’t be necessary. Many residents will also decide to drive bicycles, which makes the roads even less busy. 

This can make your days much less stressful, plus you won’t waste your time commuting unless you have to travel to the closest town frequently. For example, this can be inconvenient for those who stay in the backwoods and still run businesses nearby or children who attend schools in nearby cities. In some cases, these people can spend more time commuting daily to their destination, despite the fact that there are no traffic jams, because of the distance. 

#4 The Offer of Jobs Might Not Be as Varied as in the City

Another possible downside of staying in the backwoods is that you may be unable to find a job before you move there because there aren’t many companies where you can apply for a job. Unfortunately, most of the residents here are self-employed and run their own, usually small, businesses. You should definitely think this through before relocating without a job to the backwoods because no matter how cheap the lifestyle here seems at the beginning, you still have to look for a way to support yourself after the move.

Farm Lifestyle Includes Some Specific Jobs and Fewer Options When It Comes to Working From the Office 

You should think about some business ideas and things you can do on your own, in case you don’t get a chance to find an open workplace. There is always an opinion to commute to a nearby city, at least until you find a suitable workplace that’s closer to your new home. Some of the popular jobs around the province places are:

  • Head stalker,
  • Forester,
  • Farmer.

These jobs all require that you have at least some previous knowledge and experience in order to be able to perform them appropriately.

Person at the office
You might need to leave your office work and start a different business

#5 Schooling Options Might be Poor

In case you’re relocating with children, it is natural that you worry about their future and the schooling options they can have if you stay in the backwoods. Let’s break this down. The rural environment is great for young children, but it can sometimes be a downgrade when it comes to schooling for older children.

There usually aren’t universities in rural areas – students usually move for college to some more urban places. This is something you have to be prepared for if you plan on staying in the backwoods – it is possible that you’ll have to move to another city to attend college if you are aiming for higher education. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a disadvantage – it is only something that is related to these places.

Grandmother with children
Your children might need to travel far away to attend the wanted school

#6 Smaller Communities Are Usually Much Safer

One of the biggest advantages of moving to a smaller community is that these places are often considered safer and better for raising a family. For starters, meeting your neighbors will be much easier and more natural. You won’t be staying in an apartment building where you barely know the neighbors – everyone will have their own homes next to each other, and you’ll frequently meet during your daily activities. This way, you can comfortably walk around without worrying if something bad will happen – you can also let your kids play outside the house and do activities that could’ve been dangerous in big cities.

When It Comes to Safety, Keep Your Eye on the Wild Animals – They Might Even Show Up Around Your Personal Space

Although there won’t be many dangerous people outside to disturb your privacy, you should be worried about wild animals on the open land. Staying in the backwoods might put you in situations where you’ll be meeting wild animals face to face, so you should be careful about it and prepare yourself even for the most unexpected situations. Life in big cities meant that cockroaches are your biggest enemies, while you might even see a bear in the nearby forest or even your own yard when in the backwoods.

House in the country
Smaller communities are much safer - you'll probably know all of your neighbors

#7 Limited Healthcare Can Be Another Issue

One of the things that might concern residents, especially those that are older or need good healthcare because of chronic disease, is the hospital network. Unfortunately, rural areas usually have ambulances where doctors can examine you, but in many cases, there won’t be many specialists working here. 

If you need to visit a specialist frequently, this is one of the things you should check before relocating. Driving the long way to the closest hospital for an urgent appointment at the doctor’s can be very stressful, so staying in a town near a hospital might be a more convenient choice for some patients.

Doctors at the hospital providing health care after cross-country moving
Limited healthcare in the province might be an issue

What Are the Best Places to Live in the Countryside?

Judging by reviews and reports from professional long-distance movers, many millennials have decided to move to rural areas lately. This can only mean one thing – they find it better there. Whether you are moving across the country to a specific area alone or decide to hire cross-country movers to help you relocate, you won’t get disappointed if you choose some of the following places for your new home.

Benton City

Benton City is located in Washington, and this charming and picturesque community offers incredible 300 days of sunshine and moderate winters. Moving during winter here might be great for your budget. This area is a perfect place for an outdoor-oriented lifestyle. It has only 2,800 residents and is one of the most educated provinces in the U.S. Nearby Kennewick has the highest projected job growth in the whole nation, so you can comfortably move here, no matter if you’re looking for good schools or a place to work at.

Horse Creek

Horse Creek is located in Wyoming, northwest of Cheyenne. It is home to an active ranch area, which can be a great option if you plan to develop a business in this field. It is perfect for a country-western lifestyle filled with horses and cattle. Another thing that makes this place special is that it has the lowest crime rates in the whole nation.

Kendall County

Located in Texas, Kendall County is one of the best areas you can choose for moving cross country for a rural lifestyle. It is positioned about 30 miles from San Antonio and populated by approximately 34,000 residents, which makes it quite vivid. It is very picturesque and offers a healthy environment considering the fact that it is located 1,500 feet above sea level.

Consider Hiring a Professional Long Distance Moving Company and Relocate to Your Favorite Place Right Away

Now that you know why people want to reside in a remote area of the country, there is no reason to doubt this decision. You can contact a trustworthy company and get professional cross-country moving services that will help you move efficiently and without any worries. If you want to ship your vehicle to a specific mountain area and move safely, there is no better way to do it than by getting professional car shipping services. Also, getting additional packing services might be a great decision if you’re relocating some fragile stuff – or for example, some machines that you’ll need to start your own business in a new place.

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