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Moving a Tesla Safely – Professional Tips for Successful Electric Car Shipping

Posted in Car Shipping on January 22, 2024

Moving vehicles across the country requires specialized knowledge and meticulous planning to ensure a smooth transition. As pioneers in electric car technology, Teslas have unique needs during transportation. In this blog post, we offer professional tips and industry insights for moving a Tesla safely. Whether you’re relocating, selling, or simply transporting your Tesla, our expert advice will navigate you through the complexities of the process, guaranteeing a safe and hassle-free journey for your prized electric vehicle.

Prepare for Safe Tesla Transport

Initiating the transport of your EV, whether it’s the sophisticated Model S, the robust Model X, or any other magnificent Tesla model, involves meticulous preparation for the move. Choose a car shipping company with a proven track record in handling electric vehicles. Ensuring they’re equipped with the right tools and knowledge is crucial for the safe handling of your vehicle. Opt for a carrier that provides adequate insurance coverage, safeguarding your prized possession against unforeseen incidents during transit.

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Vehicle Inspection and Documentation Are a Must

Conducting a thorough inspection before shipping to a new state is vital. Document the condition of your vehicle with detailed photographs and notes. Highlight any existing marks, scratches, or unique aspects of the car. These important documents serve as a benchmark to assess your vehicle’s condition upon arrival, ensuring any changes can be directly attributed to the transport process.

Prepare Your Tesla for the Journey

To prepare an auto for transportation, a few key preparations are necessary. Ensure your vehicle’s battery, be it the powerful Cybertruck or another model, is charged to the recommended level but not fully. This will help maintain the battery’s longevity during transit to a new city. Secure or remove any personal belongings or loose items to prevent damage.

Additionally, deactivate any alarm systems to avoid draining the battery and to facilitate smooth handling by the team of your hired movers. Adhering to these guidelines will contribute to a secure and efficient relocation experience for your beloved EV.

A red Tesla Model 3 charging
All EVs need to be partially charged for long-distance transportation

Choose the Right Tesla Shipping Service

Choosing the right relocation company is crucial for safe transit. It’s not just about moving a vehicle – it’s about ensuring your prized possession, be it a sleek Model 3 or a Model Y, is handled with utmost care. The right service will offer a combination of reliability, experience in handling EVs, and a transparent communication channel, keeping you informed throughout the journey to your new home.

How to Research and Select a Tesla Transport Company

Finding a reputable and legitimate moving company that provides auto transportation services is paramount for the safe transit of your EV. Consider these valuable moving tips when selecting a carrier if you want to avoid all the common relocation mistakes:

  • Reputation of the company – Check customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the company’s service quality.
  • Experience with Teslas – Ensure the company has experience transporting electric vehicles, particularly Teslas.
  • Service options – Look for companies offering a range of services, including enclosed carriers for added protection. Make sure the company also offers standard moving services, such as packing assistance or storage service.
  • Adequate pricing – While not the only factor, competitive pricing indicates market awareness.
  • Customer service – Responsive and helpful customer service is crucial for a smooth relocation process.

Make Sure to Check Licensing and Insurance

Verifying the company’s licensing and insurance is not a step to overlook. This ensures your EV is in safe hands. A company licensed with FMCSA adheres to industry standards and regulations, reducing the risk of mishaps during transit. Adequate coverage is crucial for EV safety during transit, offering peace of mind by protecting your investment against potential damages or loss. Always request proof of insurance and understand the extent of coverage before finalizing your arrangement with a relocation company.

A person signing a document
Make sure the company you entrust your EV with is properly licensed

Tips on Ensuring Safe Tesla Shipping Methods

Ensuring the safe transit of your precious EV involves several crucial steps. First, it’s essential to partner with a company that has experience in handling electric vehicles. EVs require specific knowledge and handling techniques to maintain their integrity during transit. Let’s take a look at what you can request from your movers to ensure the safety of your EV.

Enclosed Transport Is Recommended for Maximum Tesla Safety

The enclosed trailer is widely regarded as the premier choice for relocating high-value vehicles like Teslas. This method provides the most comprehensive protection against a variety of risks, including weather conditions, road debris, and other external factors that can lead to damage.

Enclosed transportation works by keeping the EV in a secure, covered trailer, ensuring that it arrives at its destination in the same condition it was in when it left. Although this option might come at a premium cost compared to open transport, the investment is often justified by the peace of mind and superior protection it offers.

Door-To-Door Is the Most Convenient Delivery Option for Secure Electric Car Shipping

Door-to-door delivery when moving to a new state stands out as the most convenient and secure option for Tesla owners. This service simplifies the process by eliminating the need for you to travel to a distant depot or pickup location after you’ve just experienced an exhausting journey and haven’t even unpacked after relocating.

Instead, your vehicle is picked up directly from your specified location and delivered to the exact address you provide. This not only saves time but also reduces the risk of damage that can occur when moving the vehicle to and from transport hubs. For those who value convenience, door-to-door shipping offers a seamless solution and reduces moving stress.

A moving truck with an enclosed trailer
The enclosed trailer is the way to go for those who want to move valuable EVs

Tesla Relocation Tips on Booking and Scheduling Car Transport

Relocating your Tesla involves a systematic approach to booking and scheduling auto transport. To ensure a seamless process, it’s advisable to start planning well in advance. Peak seasons and certain geographical routes may affect availability and pricing, so early booking helps in securing your preferred dates and potentially better rates.

When setting your schedule, consider buffer time for unforeseen delays due to weather, traffic, or logistical challenges. Flexibility in your pickup and delivery dates can also lead to a smoother experience and more favorable pricing options.

After choosing a company, you’ll typically be asked to provide details about your EV, preferred pickup and delivery locations, and dates. It’s crucial to communicate any specific requirements or concerns you may have at this stage. After confirming these details, you’ll receive a contract or agreement outlining the service terms, which should be reviewed carefully before finalizing your booking.

A long-distance moving trailer hauling cars
It's wise to book auto transportation well in advance of your moving day

What You Need to Know About the Tesla Shipping Process

The transportation process for your Tesla involves meticulous steps to ensure it’s moved safely. Your vehicle will be carefully loaded onto the carrier, typically using a hydraulic lift to avoid any strain on the vehicle’s components. Throughout transit, the company monitors and adjusts to road conditions and weather, ensuring that your Tesla is protected from potential hazards.

The carrier is equipped with advanced securing systems to keep the vehicle firmly in place, mitigating any risk of movement that could lead to damage. The drivers are specially trained to handle this valuable cargo, ensuring they navigate the roads with extra caution. Regular checks and balances are in place to monitor the vehicle’s status.

Long-Distance Movers Will Take Great Care of Your Tesla During Shipping

When it comes to long-distance moving, entrusting your Tesla to a reputable company like Cross Country Movers guarantees peace of mind. Our company is known for professionalism and attention to detail, and we understand the intricacies involved in transporting high-value vehicles. Cross Country Movers ensures that every Tesla is handled with the utmost care, providing specialized services like enclosed transport options and comprehensive insurance coverage, ensuring your vehicle arrives safely at its destination.

 A truck with a Cross Country Movers logo
Cross Country Movers provide expert services and peace of mind

Do an Inspection on Delivery and Document the Car’s Condition

Upon delivery, it’s imperative to conduct a thorough Tesla transport inspection before the carrier departs. Start by examining the exterior for any potential new scratches, dents, or damages that might have occurred during transit. Pay close attention to the windows, mirrors, and lights. Then, check the interior for any disruptions or anomalies.

It’s advisable to compare the current state with the Tesla shipping documentation and photographs taken before shipping. If any discrepancies are noted, ensure they are documented and discussed with the delivery personnel immediately.

Complete the Paperwork and Finalize the Tesla Transport Transaction

Finalizing your Tesla transport involves a careful review and completion of the necessary paperwork. This typically includes a bill of lading, which serves as a receipt and a detailed report of the vehicle’s condition upon delivery. Ensure all the details are accurate and reflect any discussions or observations made during the inspection. Once you’re satisfied, signing the paperwork finalizes the transaction. Keeping a copy of all the documents is important for your records and future reference.

A man with a phone standing next to an electric vehicle being charged
A detailed inspection upon delivery is crucial - check if everything is in order

Cross Country Movers Can Help You Transport Your EV Safely

Cross Country Movers specializes in transporting electric vehicles safely and securely for those moving across the country. Our experienced team is trained in handling the specific requirements of electric vehicles, ensuring your vehicle is loaded, transported, and delivered with the utmost care. With a strong emphasis on customer service, Cross Country Movers provides a seamless, stress-free experience and comprehensive insurance for peace of mind throughout your EV’s journey.

Contact Cross Country Movers for Expert Car Shipping Services When Moving a Tesla

For expert car shipping and long-distance moving services, Cross Country Movers is your go-to solution. Our specialized services cater to the unique needs of each client moving cross country. With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we can ensure seamless transportation of your vehicle. Contact us to experience a superior level of service and make your relocation to a new state a smooth and successful one!

How Do I Prepare My Tesla for Safe Shipping?

Preparing your Tesla for transportation involves ensuring the battery is charged to the recommended level and deactivating any security alarms that could cause issues during transit. Remove personal belongings and secure any loose items inside the vehicle to prevent damage. Finally, lock the car but provide the keys to the shipping company for loading and unloading purposes.

What Should I Inspect and Document Before Shipping My Tesla?

Conduct a thorough inspection of its exterior and interior. Document any existing damages like scratches or dents with photographs or videos. This documentation will serve as a reference to compare the condition upon delivery.

How Do I Choose a Professional Tesla Transport Company for Safe Shipping?

Select a transportation company with experience in handling electric vehicles, particularly Teslas. Check their credentials, customer reviews, and insurance policies. Ensure they offer cross-country moving services that match your specific needs, such as enclosed transport or door-to-door delivery.

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