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Why Do You Need Moving Labels When Relocating Across the Country

Posted in Moving Tips & Tricks on December 29, 2022

Using moving labels is the most effective method for maintaining order among your boxes. It’s a smart strategy for saving time on both packing and unpacking. However, developing an effective labeling system is more complicated than it seems at first glance. Check out the best systems for labeling boxes for efficient packing and unloading.

Even with the help of an expert mover, it is still important to be well-organized in order to keep everything running well during the relocation. This means you’ll need an accurate and organized labeling system on all packages. The choice of labeling strategy is up to you, but you should get everything you need before you start labeling, such as markers and self-adhesive labels. Additionally, you can avoid worrying about the safety of your possessions during transport by booking a reliable packing service.

Why Are Moving Labels Necesary for a Successful Relocation

Labeling your items as you pack will make unpacking faster and easier. If you’re planning on getting cross-country moving services you can rest assured that the crew will know just how to safely pack, load, and unload all of your belongings at your new residence. If you’re moving across the country into a smaller home and need to store some of your belongings, labels will help you remember what’s inside each box. You should put labeling at the top of your list of things to do.

It’s possible that your brand-new home may be a complete mess for several days. Picture yourself on the verge of tears as you roam through a pile of unlabeled boxes. Can you handle that kind of pressure? Likely not. That is why an essential step in the packing process is to identify each box with a unique label.

So after you have found reputable long-distance movers, start gathering as many useful tips. This also includes strategies for labeling your boxes adequately. Not only will you have the most amazing time of your life, but you’ll also be prepared to face any unexpected situations with ease.

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When Getting Ready for Labeling, What Materials Should You Collect?

Before you start packing, it’s important to make a list of everything you’ll need. This shouldn’t be a problem if you intend to create a relocation checklist anyway, as you can just add the supplies to the list at the end.

Now that this is out of the way, you can finish getting ready for the big day and take care of details that sometimes get overlooked during a relocation. One such thing is getting labeling materials. If you make a list of everything you need, you can be assured that you won’t have to stop working in the middle of a project to go out and get something.

Luckily, these things won’t break your budget, and if you really want to cut costs – you can find most of those supplies for less on Craigslist. So, before long distance moving to a new city, make sure you have the following stuff taken care of:

  • Self-adhesive paper,
  • Wrapping paper,
  • Cardboard boxes or other containers,
  • Markers,
  • Tape can be clear or colored.

Check whether you already have some of these supplies at home. There’s no need to spend extra if you already have some of these supplies or ask your friends and family if they could lend you some, that way you will save money.

Gathered packing supplies when moving across the country
Check what supplies you already have at home

Will the Inventory List Help You in This Process?

Using labels and to-do lists to manage your relocation is a great way to stay organized and reduce stress. One of the most effective strategies for ensuring a smooth move and simple unpacking in your new place is to take the time to create an inventory list and label each box clearly.

It will not only help you organize packing, but you’ll avoid forgetting anything important. However, there’s another reason why making an inventory list is a relocation hack worth your attention – you surely won’t be dealing with items that professional movers won’t transport. In other words, less packing and less labeling for you.

Check Some Tips on How to Make Inventory List Without a Fuss

Creating an inventory list may seem like an overwhelming task, but it’s actually quite manageable, especially if you have good reasons for the move. You can improve your inventory list by following these guidelines.

  • Get going right away, the sooner, the better. In this way, you can take your time going through your belongings and adding them to the list.
  • Get as precise as you can while building your list of inventory items. All details, no matter how seemingly insignificant, should be included.
  • Create your own checklist from scratch, or use one of the many existing templates. Whatever the case may be, you should ensure the list is both thorough and easy to read.

If you follow these suggestions, you may be able to ease the burden of moving cross country and the labeling process considerably.

A person making a household inventory checklist when moving cross country
Make the inventory before you start packing and labeling boxes

Which of These Moving Box Labels Should You Pick

Just as there isn’t a silver bullet for relocation, there isn’t a silver bullet for labeling. Multiple proven labeling methods can be combined without increasing the possibility of confusion. Both you and the skilled cross-country movers will benefit from clearly labeled boxes before the relocation day arrives. Let’s get to work, so gather all your labeling and wrapping materials.

Room labels

You can best prepare your belongings for a move if you pack each room separately. Studies have shown that using different colors for labeling every room makes unloading and packing a breeze. Ensure that the same label is affixed to all sides and the lid of the box.

Item labels

Item-by-item sorting is only partially effective. What’s more, it’s not possible to use this technique in place of other classification schemes. Your children’s winter clothes can go in a large trash bag, and the family’s mattresses, carpets, and pillows can go in a single box. Paper tape can be used to clearly identify trash cans, storage bins, and other containers made of plastic. Another thing that can be sorted and given a low-priority label is camping gear. Further, you can designate a box for all delicate electronic devices.

Priority tags

This method will help decide which boxes go in the car and truck first and which go in last. Also, professional packers will know exactly how to load and unload your belongings and help them put boxes into the correct room.

To indicate a high, medium, or low priority, type an “H,” “M,” or “L” in the box. If you label your boxes accordingly, you won’t have to go through all of your boxes just to find the one containing your dishes or your children’s school supplies.

Color coding labels

Easy unpacking is guaranteed with color-coded moving labels. With this method, room-by-room labeling is ideal since you can assign a different color to each space. That’s why it’s a good idea to label each area with a different color when you move in – for example, you might use a green pen to label “Kitchen” and a blue pen to label “Living room.” To help the movers unload each box correctly, do this. Use high-quality waterproof markers to avoid smudged writing if relocating in winter when it’s more probable to snow or rain on the big day.

Separate Essential Items With Different Labels

It would be wise to have the relocation essentials that will be traveling with you prepared in a separate bag and properly labeled. That way, you could use it on the first day after moving into your new home. It’s up to you what goes in there, but typically individuals bring things they’ll need frequently or that make them feel at ease.

Your favored snacks, prescription pills, toiletries, and jammies will likely be brought by you and your family because they serve your specific requirements, interests, and way of life. Mark the bag with the food and what’s in it. Do the same with the bag of clothes and medications. If you label everything properly, you won’t have to waste time searching for an item once you’ve arrived.

Don’t Forget to Take Care of the Fragiles

You must wrap and identify your fragile objects, regardless of whether you pack them by room, or use colored stickers for moving. Fragiles are packaged and labeled in the same way as any other goods. One of the most common blunders in relocating is incorrectly marking the parcels.

Wrap each mirror, plate, or other fragile item made of glass in its own sheet of packing material before placing it in the box. If there is space between your items and the box’s sides, use a few sheets of bubble wrap or some old towels and shirts.

The relocation crew cannot handle any boxes without proper labeling. Place “Fragile” or “Handle with care” stickers on all sides. The experts will be reminded to be cautious when working with them. Make sure it says on the label exactly which side of the box should be up.

A box labeled with a fragile sticker
Fragile objects require proper stickers if you want them to be handled correctly

Speed Up the Move and Help Professionals Navigate Your House

If you’re planning on hiring professional movers to help you with your next move, you might be wondering if labels can make a difference. The answer is positive, they can, and it’s one of the best pieces of guidance someone can give you. If you label your boxes, your movers can maintain track of your belongings as they are loaded and unloaded.

Labeling will speed up the process of relocating to a new place, learning the ropes of independent living, and settling in, regardless of whether you’re doing it all by yourself or not. If you’ve done a good job of labeling the boxes and packing, unpacking might even be fun.

After all, we did all that prep work so we could unpack more quickly. When you begin unpacking each room, do so in the order of highest to lowest importance using the labeling system again.

In the following video, you’ll learn several tips and tricks for speedy unpacking.

Labels Can Be a Real Lifesaver if You Use Them Properly

Labels are a great way to stay organized and help your move run smoothly. Not only will you have more free time for other tasks, but you’ll also help professional crew to do their job even more efficiently. The only thing that’s left is to enjoy the move and have the best experience possible.

Julie Grace

Originally from The Golden City, Julie has explored the ins and outs of moving and has written all the tips down.

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