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Make the Best Out of Long-Distance Valentine’s Day With These Romantic Ideas

Posted in Coping With Relocation,How-to on November 25, 2021

When we say romantic, the 14th of February is the first association that comes to mind. But how does this holiday look for those whose relationship spans over miles? A long-distance Valentine’s day can get so romantic you will both talk about it for years.

It’s true that planning a romantic date and a perfect holiday for those in love is easier when you live close to each other. You just grab a box of chocolates and a bouquet, combine it with a dinner with candles, and – voila! Everything is as it should be. You can even trust the National Confectioners Association (NCA) survey that says the most popular flavor in the candy box is caramel and that most Americans prefer chocolate over flowers (69%, no pun intended)! But, worry not as there are plenty of Valentine’s day ideas for long-distance relationships that will ensure this holiday is memorable.

Making Relationships Work When You Live Apart Is Not Easy, but It’s Doable

It’s not easy to be away from the person you care for. Part of a relationship is to spend moments together drinking coffee, conversing, and, well – making out. Perhaps you two used to live in the same city, but then you’ve got an opportunity to get a job in a new city, and you’ve made the right choice in your career to move and seize the job. Although the benefits of moving are many, such as making friends in a new city and expanding your views on life, this decision has led you away from your significant other.

These are all the reasons why you should search for long-distance relationship Valentine’s day ideas and create a special date memorable for both. After all, the key to making the connection between two lovers work, even if they are apart, is to show each other just how much they care. And do it with plenty of style.

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Some Pieces of Advice to Make It Work

As your relocation draws closer, you are looking for the best cross-country moving services that will do their best to help you move to a new city. And after the long-distance movers have finished unloading your stuff, you will sit back and think about all the reasons to move and get separated from your significant other. But, not all is lost; here are some universal tips, no matter what your current situation is:

  • Start with the angle from which you’re looking at this situation. Moving to another state alone and being apart can be a learning journey for both of you. It’s a new experience that can grow your bond stronger.
  • Spamming each other is out of the question, although many couples believe that they should compensate for not being together by communicating many hours daily. It’s a sure way to grow tired of each other, so keep in mind that less is more.
  • Talk openly about expectations on both sides and express everything about the commitment level upfront. If you can communicate these things straightforwardly and set some ground rules, you’ll avoid any nasty surprises.
  • Honestly, it isn’t a good idea to keep chatting with each other for hours daily. After all, you’ve managed to get a job before you’ve moved, and your partner has their errands. But what you should keep doing is to communicate on a regular basis creatively. This includes the “good mornings” as well as “good nights,” with some spice on top of it occasionally. Leveling up your communication is to keep your SO posted on new things that happen to you through photos, videos, and audio recordings.
  • Try to visit each other as much as you can. Just think about being apart for quite some time and the intensity of your visits after all the yearning and wanting. It will make even the little things like holding hands and kissing a much greater experience.
  • Establish your future expectations. We aren’t talking about getting house hunting tips and hiring cross country movers and their packing service right away. But couples should know to at least some extent what goal they’re both heading toward.

These are all little things that mean so much in relationships that are bound to work even after moving across the country and away from each other. But, to quote Roger de Bussy-Rabutin, who was a French memoirist – “Absence is to love as wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small and kindles the great.”

A woman on video call after long-distance moving
The saying "wear your heart on your sleeve" has roots in the Middle Ages when men and women would wear the names of their love on their sleeve for a week

How Do You Do a Virtual Valentine’s Day? Make a Video Call to Your Loved One

The modern age keeps us close to our loved ones and allows us to keep in touch with friends, even after moving cross country. We use chat and video software all the time, so why not use this advantage on February 14th? Make it a special video call, complete with candles, wine, and music. Wear something special, like on a rendezvous in-person. Although you’re apart, this can be very romantic.

Couples That Enjoy Movies Can Make an Online Movie Date Night

Let’s be honest – different streaming services are life saviors when it comes to adjustment insomnia after cross country moving. So why not use them so you and your partner can Netflix and Chill together apart? Agree on the time and the show or a movie you’ll be watching so you can stream it together. It will be just like you’re enjoying it in the same place, and you can comment on it afterward.

Cook Together Through a Video Call

If you think that Valentine’s Day long-distance couldn’t be spent while cooking together, think again. It’s a terrific idea to cook while on video chat; it’s fun, engaging, and utterly different from anything else you can do on that date. No one expects you to be a Gordon Ramsey, but since you needed to figure out how to live on your own, you’ve probably learned a thing or two in the kitchen that you can show to your partner. And later on, when you visit each other, you can cook the same meal in person.

Or Simply Call Over the Phone to Tell Them How Much You Love Them

It’s been some time since moving to a new home, and the holiday that celebrates love is near. Believe it or not, but one of the best Valentine’s ideas for a long-distance relationship is to surprise your SO with an old-fashioned phone call. Surprise them at their lunch break or while they are waking up with a simple “I love you” and “I miss you.” Sometimes the simplest things make our worlds go round.

A young woman talking on the phone in bed
Since 2017, there have been more than 240 million cellphones in the US, and we still use them for talking

Plan a Date Together Before February 14th Comes Along

If you are wondering, “What can I do for Valentine’s Day long distance?” another great idea is to plan a perfect rendezvous together before the holiday comes. Even if one of you can’t make it because of work or any other obstacle, you can always postpone it and have a romantic date regardless of whether it’s a holiday or not. Planning a rendezvous night is more manageable than planning a move to another city and more fun, and it’s something couples can do together.

The following clip may inspire you to create a romantic setting right in your home.

Surprise Your Loved One on Valentine’s and Visit Them

We can’t think of a better gift than a surprise visit to your partner. However far they are, they are worth it, and if you have moved to a new state, they are just a plane ride away from you. Nothing beats holding the one you love in your arms, smelling their hair, and looking into their eyes. The daytime and the night together can be spontaneous or well planned, whichever you prefer and think your SO might want. Pack up for a couple of days, ensure you keep clothes from wrinkling, especially if you’ve decided to bring something more elegant, and spend a memorable time together.

A couple walking with roses in hand
Surprise them with the most popular flowers - roses

Additional Long-Distance Valentine’s Day Ideas

No February 14th can be complete without gifts couples give to each other. But if you’re wondering, “What do I get my long-distance boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?” or perhaps to your girlfriend, besides the most obvious choices of chocolates, flowers, jewelry, and perfumes, here are some more personalized and original ideas:

  • Write old-fashioned letters and send them through the Post Office. Write them by your hand, add your favorite scent on them, and perhaps leave a kiss on the paper. Maybe even a lock of your hair?
  • Keep a diary where you’ll write entries regularly, daily. Add some photos, notes, and other personal stuff into it. Then, envelop it in packing paper so they can’t figure out right away what it is, and send it as a gift.
  • If you know how to play an instrument, sing or write a song or a poem, do it, and record it. Playing them some music doesn’t include moving a piano to their place; a recording of you playing made only for your loved one can be a perfect gift.
  • When it comes to other online activities, you can watch a concert stream together. Buy tickets for an online event earlier and surprise them.
  • If you’re both into gaming, you can spend the rendezvous night playing an online game you both want.

Another excellent idea is to buy them a book they love and send it or order their favorite meal that can be brought to their doorstep.

How Do You Wish Your Valentine’s Day in a Long-Distance Relationship? Send Them Gifts

If you’re not sure what your partner would want to receive on this holiday, it’s best to go with the classics and avoid making mistakes. Although buying stuff such as perfumes can be tricky, you can always ask for advice in a store. Be sure you know how to pack fragile items, so the glass bottle doesn’t get damaged during transport. Knowing how to package fragile items is also essential for electronics, such as phones or other devices you wish to send to your lover. Flowers and chocolates will always be the right choice, but a personalized card is mandatory.

A woman packing a gift
Whichever gift you choose to send, ensure it has your personal touch

Perhaps It’s Time to Take Your Relationship to Another Level and Take the LD Out of the Equation

Celebrations in relationships that span over miles are bittersweet. We may yearn for each other, and our feelings can grow, but nothing beats being together in person. So perhaps the time that you move for love has finally arrived. While investing in a storage service can relieve you of carrying unnecessary items with you, an auto transport service can free you of driving across the country. But the only thing that will keep you from feeling anxiety about moving out is the thought that you’ll be starting your life together soon. And one of the best long-distance moving tips we can give you is to be completely sure it’s what you both want – to celebrate your next February 14th under one roof.

Kate Holland

A true grunge and rock music fan born in Seattle, Kate has moved across the country and started writing about her experience.

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