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Clearing the Clutter: How to Donate Unwanted Items When Relocating

Posted in How-to on June 30, 2023

One of the effective methods for downsizing before a move is to donate unwanted items. By doing so, you eliminate unused possessions while also doing something positive for others. After all, your unwanted belongings could be coveted by someone else. Follow our blog, and we will help you find the best charity for your requirements.

Contact trusted local charities and learn where to donate unwanted items before you start sorting things for a move and begin packing. Find an organization that accepts the things you want to give away and schedule a pickup time. This not only helps you declutter and minimize your moving load but also supports those in need.

Let’s See Why It’s Important to Declutter and Donate Unwanted Items

Your unwanted stuff can be someone else’s treasure. Giving away those things before moving across the country not only helps you downsize for the move and simplify the organization of the moving process but also makes a positive impact on the environment and your community. It can be a great opportunity to give back and aid those in need.

So, before you strategize your packing, take some time to go through your belongings and consider what to keep and what is worth giving away from things you no longer require or use. Finally, get rid of the stuff that is beyond salvageable. Happy donation for a stress-free relocation.

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You Should Know Which Belongings Can Be Donated

It’s important to do your research and investigate any organization you are considering donating to. You can check their website, read reviews, and view their financial reports to ensure that they are a legitimate charity and that your donation will be put to good use. Once you’ve found a local charity that you would like to support, consider what type of donation you would like to make. The things that are highly sought after include:

  • Gently used clothing,
  • Household appliances,
  • Footwear,
  • Personal care products,
  • Books,
  • Electronic gadgets,
  • Furniture.

Before the deed, be sure you understand their policies and procedures for accepting donations. Some may require drop-off appointments while others offer pickup service for your stuff, so pick up a solution that best suits your schedule and the type of goods you wish to give away.

A couple packing household items for long-distance moving
Keeping a detailed list of things to donate can help with choosing the right charity

If You Can’t Donate Unwanted Items to Charity, Sell Them in Other Places

If your preferred local charity doesn’t require some of your belongings at that moment, keep in mind that you may always sell them on platforms such as Craigslist, eBay, and Etsy. You can even hold a successful garage sale and contribute the proceeds to charitable organizations, ultimately assisting them.

Restore and Clean Your Stuff Before Donating to Those in Need

You should restore and clean any object before making it someone else’s business. Not only will it show that you care about the well-being of the recipient, but it also allows them to use something that’s in good condition. Take the extra time to wash, repair, or refurbish your belongings, and you’ll be making a positive impact on someone’s life.

Restore Your Bulkier Objects to Their Glory Days Before You Hand Them Over

It’s easy to disregard the condition of our belongings before handing them off to someone. However, taking some time to restore them to their former beauty can make all the difference. Gently washing and drying cushions and bedding, polishing furniture, and mending minor damage can ensure that your things are usable and appreciated by those who get them. It also feels good to give something that you would be proud to use yourself for many years to come. Check the video below for easy tips on what of your goods can be given to local charities.

You Have Over 200 Salvation Army Shops to Choose From

With over a century and a half of experience in handling donations, The Salvation Army stands out as a go-to philanthropic organization. The convenience element is unrivaled. You may drop off your stuff at over 200 stores or schedule a pickup at your location. Furthermore, you don’t have to be there when they arrive to take the stuff. With these characteristics, The Salvation Army has become a popular option for people wishing to give their goods to charity.

Give Away Gently Used Clothes, Hygiene Necessities, and Books

Consider donating to the Salvation Army if you want to truly have an impact on people. Some of the things they accept include clothes, books, hygiene products, mattresses, furniture, household goods, and appliances, meaning you can clean out your closet while still doing good. Your contribution will benefit victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, natural catastrophes, the elderly, and at-risk adolescents.

Volunteers giving away contributions
Give to the Salvation Army and create an impact on people's lives

A Donation to Habitat for Humanity Will Assist in the Construction of Affordable Housing

Housing is a basic human need, and yet so many people do not have access to safe and affordable homes. By giving a donation to Habitat for Humanity, you can make a real difference in the lives of families struggling to find a secure and sustainable place to live. With your aid, they can continue to build homes for these families and help to alleviate the global housing crisis. Let’s work together to improve the world, one home at a time.

Arrange for Free Transport of Your Furniture and Other Belongings to Habitat for Humanity

If you’ve already chosen a reputable moving company and started planning your relocation to another city, you’ve probably noticed how much stuff will be left behind. This is where Habitat for Humanity comes into play. All you have to do is tell them what you want picked up, and they will do it for free. They typically accept contributions of furniture, appliances, and even extra construction materials.

Packed furniture and a bunch of boxes
Habitat for Humanity will accept all sorts of goods, including furniture

Goodwill Will Accept Most of Your Things

Remember that if you wish to give the majority of your unused or unwanted stuff, try donating them to Goodwill. Clothing, home goods, books, electronics, and furniture are among the things you can give away. They also accept things in a variety of conditions, so you won’t have to worry about your goods being rejected because of a slight wear or tiny tear. Donating to Goodwill is a simple method to get rid of clutter while also helping your community.

Money From Sold Items Will Be Used for Various Causes

Learning how to donate stuff over to Goodwill will do a lot of good. You’ll feel good knowing that your contributions are helping to fund job training programs and new job prospects for the youth, elderly, individuals on probation, disabled members of the community, and so many more.

A girl packing books for long-distance moving
Goodwill will accept most of your possessions

Give to Pickup Please and Assist America’s Veterans and Their Family Members10

In case you are facing a last-minute relocation, know that Pickup Please might be the best place to donate unwanted items. This charitable organization collects donations of clothing, toys, sports equipment, small household objects, and more, and other stuff within a 24-hour window. Your contribution can also have a difference in the lives of individuals who have served in the military and their families.

Finally, the funds raised from the sale of your goods will be used to provide much-needed support and resources, such as job training and mental health service. Donate today to show your appreciation for those who have given so much to our country.

Pickup Please Puts Tax Reduction Matters to Their Priorities

Pickup Please has recently announced that they are prioritizing tax reduction matters. This means that they are focusing on providing their donors with all the necessary documentation and receipts to help them reduce not only the costs of cross-country moving services but their taxes as well.

Pickup Please has always been committed to making the donation process as easy and beneficial as possible, and this new focus on tax reduction matters is just one more way they are doing that. So, if you’re looking to donate to a charitable organization and want to maximize the benefits for yourself and the charity, consider donating to them.

A US soldier in front of a flag
Pickup Please is helping those that gave so much for our country

If You Don’t Want to Give Away or Sell Your Possessions, Book Storage With Our Moving Company

Are you planning on downsizing for relocation into a smaller home but don’t want to part with everything you own? Cross Country Movers offers storage services that can accommodate almost any item you can think of, whether it’s furniture, electronics, seasonal clothing, or even your prized book collection.

We have secure and climate-controlled storage units that are monitored 24/7, protecting your belongings for as long as you require. If you can’t give away all of your possessions now, think about using storage with our long-distance moving company to ease your relocation into a new home.

We Can Offer You Packing Service for Your Remaining Goods

If you’ve decided to organize the packing of your remaining goods yourself, be sure to give yourself enough time to pack everything properly. Start early and prioritize items that are fragile or require special attention. On the other hand, if you’ve decided to hire long-distance movers who can offer you the best packing services, be sure to choose reputable ones with experience in handling different types of objects.

Lastly, if you’ve hired cross-country movers, don’t hesitate to ask them to provide the necessary moving boxes and even different packing supplies. This can save you time and effort and ensure that your things are well-protected during the move. With proper planning and organization, your relocation will be smooth and stress-free.

Long-distance movers handling boxes
Long-distance movers will handle your possessions with the utmost care

Do a Good Deed and Plant a Good Seed for Generations to Come

Don’t forget to make a charitable donation the next time you plan a relocation as well. For everything else, hire Cross Country Movers, and we will ensure that your move to a new home is a breeze. Giving will not only improve someone else’s life but also help protect our world for future generations. Remember, every nice deed we do can blossom into something wonderful. Contact us today, and let us work together to create a world that is a better place.

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