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A Quick Guide on How to Pack a China Cabinet for Moving

Posted in How-to on July 8, 2021

Having an antique or modern hutch for storing your precious chinaware pieces is great until it comes time for relocation. Handling all those breakables can be pretty stressful since the risk of breaking some of them is pretty high. Knowing how to pack a china cabinet for moving and reducing the potential risk of damaging your valuables can be a very useful skill when moving across the country. Here is a quick but effective guide on how to pack china for shipping and get all pieces delivered whole.

Step #1: Remove All Pieces From the Cabinet and Sort Them Out Before You Wrap Them

Getting organized to move usually means creating a household inventory list which will be the focal point of the preparatory process. Since every relocation begins with decluttering and making decisions on what to keep when relocating and what to get rid of, the same method should be followed when it comes to packaging fragile items.

Removing all pieces from the cabinet, sorting them into categories, and deciding what you should take to the new home and what to get rid of is an essential step if you want to have control over your relocation. And when we say dividing your chinaware into categories, we mean grouping it into glasses, crystal sets, plates, mugs, cups, bowls, vases, or anything else that crosses your mind. After you finish with the first step, let’s see what you should do next.

 open kitchen cabinet and items sorted for packing for cross country moving
Removing all the stuff from the hutch and sorting them out is the first thing you should do.

Step #2: Learn How to Pack China and Crystal for Moving

Learning all the packing tips, especially those related to packing glasses and packing china for moving, is another essential step needed to organize your cross-country move. Here is what you need to know when starting to explore how to pack china to ship it.

Find Suitable Packing Supplies and Use them Generously

Finding suitable packing supplies for your chinaware is the best way to properly protect them and ensure none of them get damaged during the transportation process. Mandatory supplies to acquire for boxing up all the fragile belongings are:

  • Cardboard or plastic boxes – if you choose cardboard boxes, just make sure to avoid already used ones since they are more prone to damage,
  • Dish boxes are best for glasses or mugs, so make sure to get enough of them,
  • Packing paper is unparalleled when you want to pack dishes, so ensure to get plenty of it,
  • Bubble wrap is another material that provides complete protection for breakables,
  • Foam peanuts are used to fill up all the gaps in a box after putting the items in,
  • Kitchen cloths and towels can also help you cushion the box, so consider using them too,
  • Sturdy tape to strengthen the box’s bottom is also a very useful supply to have.

Finding cheap supplies on Craigslist is a great way to save some money and support your budget, so consider this option too.

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Learn All the Techniques for Boxing up China

If you want to ensure your fragile belongings are safe during the transportation process, you will need to learn a few techniques to help you prevent any damage. Here are all the steps to take:

  • Strengthen the bottom of the box with sturdy tape, even if the box is brand new.
  • Layer the inside of the box with crumpled paper; you can use newspapers for this step, too.
  • Protect each piece using paper or bubbles to prevent accidents, and don’t be stingy with those materials.
  • Fill the gaps inside the box after putting your belongings in using foam peanuts or crumpled paper,
  • Place plates vertically into boxes and fill in any holes using kitchen cloths or towels,
  • Get a dish box for glasses since those contain dividers that separate each item from the rest,
  • Put bowls one inside the other, but make sure each piece is individually wrapped in paper first.
  • Always put heavy belongings first, and then the lighter ones on top.
  • Don’t place too many objects into a carton because they can get pretty heavy, and the cardboard can give in.
  • Tape all the boxes properly and label them because this is an essential step in protecting your breakables when packing a relocation truck.

And if you want to learn more tips and tricks on how to handle other fragile kitchen items, make sure to take a look at the video below.

How Do You Pack an Antique China Cabinet for Moving?

Preparing an antique chinaware hutch for relocating is easier than it may seem at first sight. Actually, once you’ve finished handling all the contents of the hutch, the hard work is done, and the rest of it will be a breeze. Here is what you need to know when it comes to boxing up your precious furniture pieces.

Step 1: Learn How to Disassemble the Cabinet and Remove all the Doors, Shelves, Drawers, and Legs

If you ever wondered How do you pack moving cabinets, the answer is – learn how to disassemble them first. This is the most secure way to relocate it to another home, so don’t skip this or try to box up the whole hutch. Depending on the model you have, the disassembling will look different. However, be patient and ensure to remove every removable part you can and box it up separately.

Step 2: How Do You Wrap a Hutch for Moving to Protect It Properly?

After you disassemble the hutch and remove all the doors made of glass, shelves, drawers, and legs, the next step is to wrap them up using protective materials to prevent any scratches and damage. Essential protective supplies you’ll need in this case are:

  • Stretch wrap,
  • Furniture blankets,
  • Tape,
  • Cardboard boxes.

Wrap all the elements using the stretch wrap and put furniture blankets over them to ensure they are fully risk-free from any scratch or damage. Also, don’t forget to keep all the corners of the hutch properly protected by wrapping all sides equally. And if you’re still not sure about the answer to the question How do you wrap a china cabinet for moving, consider using the assistance of professional long-distance movers to provide you with a stress-free relocation and take care of every single detail of your relocation themselves.

a woman disassembling her coffee table and preparing it for long-distance moving
Learn how to disassemble furniture in order to box it up properly

If You’re Still Not Sure How to Pack a China Cabinet for Moving, Get Professional Cross-Country Moving Services

Having a stressless relocation is possible if you have experienced cross-country movers by your side to provide you with all the long-distance moving services you need. A professional packing service is something you’ll just love, so explore how they can facilitate your relocation.

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