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Fun Things to Do in San Francisco With Kids

Posted in City Guides on April 26, 2022

Moving across country with your family to the cultural center of California and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the USA is a great decision to make, especially for your children. There are many fun and interesting things to do in San Francisco with kids, both outdoors and indoors. Your child will have a great time and learn a lot due to high cultural diversity.

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7 Best Places to Live in the San Francisco Bay Area

Posted in City Guides on April 23, 2022

The Bay Area has long been known as one of the most prestigious places to reside in the United States – if you find yourself living here, you are lucky. In case you plan to relocate here, you should find out what the best places to live in San Francisco Bay Area are. So, let’s see where you should move to be in one of the best neighborhoods in the San Francisco region.

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Where to Live In LA – Six Hot Spots All Newcomers Should Check Out

Posted in City Guides on April 21, 2022

Los Angeles, known for its beautiful coastline, pleasant Mediterranean climate, and the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, is one of the most famous cities in the world. If you are planning on moving cross-country to this town, it is important to decide where to live in LA. With a population of almost 4 million people, LA has many great neighborhoods to offer.

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Ultimate List of Supplies and Packing Materials for Moving

Posted in Planning the Move on April 19, 2022

One of the main relocation goals is to get your belongings from point A to point B undamaged, and choosing the right packing materials for moving plays a huge role in it. So you can enjoy all of your belongings in the time after the move, find out how to protect them the best way.

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Leaving California? Where to Move From Los Angeles

Posted in City Guides,Planning the Move on April 16, 2022

LA was and still is a dream city to many – a place where talented people can make a name for themselves and fulfill their dreams. But a place booming with show-biz opportunities also proves to be costly. So, where to move from Los Angeles if the advantages of this metropolis just didn’t live up to your expectations?

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New to Relocations? Here’s Our Ultimate Moving to Another State Checklist

Posted in Moving Essentials,Planning the Move on April 14, 2022

Anyone who has ever been through a relocation process knows how challenging it can get if you don’t organize yourself well. So if you are new to relocations, this “moving to another state checklist” we provided you here will surely help you. Follow all the steps from this article and organize a smooth and stressless relocation.

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Everything You Need to Know About the Cost of Living in Los Angeles

Posted in City Guides on April 14, 2022

Cross country moving is always challenging but if you know all the information about the city you are relocating to, it may ease off the confusion and anxiety. If you plan to relocate to California’s biggest metropolis, first find out all about the cost of living in Los Angeles.

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How Much to Tip Movers – The Ultimate Guide to Tipping

Posted in How-to,Moving Tips & Tricks,Planning the Move on April 11, 2022

You’ve scheduled your move with a relocation company, and you have all your boxes packed and labeled. Still, you are wondering how much to tip movers for their work. Although it’s not required to give any extra money to the professional workers, you should always consider showing appreciation even if you’re relocating on a tight budget. Let us share with you some unspoken rules for tipping cross-country movers.

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A Guide to How to Pack Electronics for Moving

Posted in How-to,Moving Tips & Tricks on March 31, 2022

In this technological age, a lot of household items are electronic devices that we use on a daily basis. Therefore, you will have to know how to pack electronics for moving if you have decided to change your home address. Packing electronics is not difficult, but there are certain methods that you need to be aware of in order to ensure their safety.

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How to Pack Furniture for Cross-Country Moving

Posted in How-to on March 31, 2022

Although the furniture is sturdy, many components can get damaged when you are moving cross-country. Therefore, it is important to know how to pack furniture properly in order to ensure its safety during transportation. You would not want to arrive at your new home and see your favorite sofa scratched or broken.

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