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Have you been thinking about moving to Washington DC to start a new life there? There are plenty of reasons why you might want to make the capital of your new home. There is no doubt it has a lot to offer to its residents, from employment opportunities to rich culture. The tricky part is the actual relocation and how to organize the entire process.

Moving across the country can be challenging, especially if you’ve never done it before, and don’t know what to expect. To avoid all the stress and pressure and be sure it all goes smoothly, it is advisable to turn to someone professional to give you a hand. Expert movers can provide you with a variety of moving services to ease each step of the way.

You should be able to relax and enjoy the journey and let someone else deal with all the hard work. It might seem like a more expensive option, but it can be more affordable and way more convenient in the long run. As a layman, you are likely to cause some damage, but when you have experts in charge, there’s no need to worry about anything. So, let’s see how Cross Country Movers can help you with your cross country relocation to Washington DC.

Sail Through Residential Moving

Have you found a new home in the capital and can’t wait to start your new life there? But what about your current place? Relocating the entire household to another part of the country can be rather challenging. There are many belongings to take care of, from those small, but valuable items to bulky furniture pieces. To get all of that to your future address safely, it is always a good option to turn to expert movers for assistance.

Cross Country Movers can deliver all your household belongings to the chosen destination, wherever in the US that might be. The safety of your stuff is our primary concern, so you won’t have to worry about any damages or misplaced items at any point during the ride. No matter the distance between point A and point B, we are here to see that your things are delivered intact. This service also entails loading, which means you get to forget all about the heavy lifting.

Count on Smooth Business Relocation

Cross Country Movers are also at your disposal for office relocation. You might be planning to relocate your business to the capital, hoping it will bloom there. Or you’ve already achieved enviable success, and you’d like to expand your business in DC. Whatever the case, our crew will be more than happy to help you out. Our team of movers can take care of your entire corporate inventory safely and efficiently.

We understand that for you, time is money, so you want to finish the relocation process as quickly as possible. Your business shouldn’t suffer in any way, so we are more than eager to go the extra mile and complete the entire process as quickly as needed. You can relax knowing that all your office supplies will be in safe hands and waiting for you at the new location.

Let Us Save You From the Tedious Packing

As tedious and challenging as it may be, packing is still an inevitable part of every move. Considering how many things you need to take care of when moving across the country, you’ll probably feel overwhelmed when you add packing to the mix. And even if you do have the time and your friends to give you a hand, it won’t be long before you realize that you don’t know how to wrap most of your stuff. Then what happens? Panic and chaos step in. Naturally, you would rather go for another scenario, right? You can do so when you leave packing to professional movers and packers.

Cross Country Movers have teams of highly trained packers who can deal with all kinds of items of various shapes and sizes. They have the necessary skills to cope with everything, even those things particularly tricky to pack. This means that your stuff will be in safe hands, but you can also be sure that the entire process will be done in no time. Instead of wasting days and weeks on packing, leave it to experts to finish everything in a day.

Don’t Waste Precious Time Looking for Moving Supplies – We’ll Bring Everything You Need

Skilled and experienced packers are the safest option, but their skills and experience are not enough if they don’t use proper packing supplies. That’s why we also provide high-quality packing materials necessary for full protection and complete safety of your belongings. Thus, there’s no need for you to go around looking for all those moving boxes, packing paper, or anything else required for this phase of the relocation. Cross Country Movers have everything from strong duct tape to boxes of different shapes and sizes.

We can provide you with many materials that you alone could even forget if you were to pack by yourself. Apart from boxes, bubble wraps, and packing paper, we also have moving blankets, packing peanuts and foam. These, too, are necessary if you want every inch of every item wrapped adequately. Why would you risk causing some irreparable damage just because your box wasn’t sturdy enough, or your precious heirloom wasn’t wrapped properly? Our experts know how to sidestep this potential landmine.

Leave Your Belongings in Our Storage Units

It might happen that you can’t take all your stuff to the new house when planned. Or you simply have some extra items that you haven’t decided what to do with just yet. Whatever the reason, you are likely to need some storage space during your cross-country relocation. The good news is that Cross Country Movers have got you covered in that case, too. You have our storage units at your disposal at any point and for as long as needed.

It is just up to you to pick the size you find most convenient depending on the things you’re planning to leave in storage. Rest assured that all your belongings will be kept safe until you’re ready to take them. All our units are air-conditioned and monitored all the time to ensure complete safety. You can access the unit with your things whenever you want and take your stuff whenever it suits you.

Get a Free Quote and Plan Your Costs

Costs are usually one of the major concerns when relocating to another part of the country. Naturally, you’d like to know more about them to be able to plan your budget early enough. This can be an issue if you’re not able to get a precise quote. With an estimate, you can only have a rough plan, and you always have to be prepared for potential additional costs. That’s why Cross Country Movers offer a guaranteed price.

You can fill out a form here on our website or contact our representatives to get a quote before you book your move with us. We will form a price based on the distance between your current home and Washington DC, the time of the year you’re planning to move, the size of your cargo, and other factors. That way, you get to plan your budget and then relax, knowing that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises.

Should You Make Washington DC Your New Home?

Before you can be one hundred percent sure that you are going to take this huge step in your life, it is crucial to check whether you’ve made the right choice. There are many beautiful places all around the US, so is Washington DC the best option for you? One thing’s for sure – the capital is worth considering for quite a few reasons. Naturally, there are both pros and cons, so it is up to you to weigh these and decide what’s the right way to go in your case.

Even though it is primarily known for its political scene, Washington DC is so much more than politics. There are excellent job opportunities in many other sectors, such as healthcare and technology. This large city also hides a wide array of great neighborhoods with a lot to offer to everyone. The only issue might be the high cost of living, but then again, with a well-paid job, it’s worth every penny. So, let’s look into these aspects to help you make up your mind (if you haven’t already).

Explore a Variety of Employment Opportunities

Considering its strong and diverse economy, Washington DC is an excellent destination for those looking for a stable and well-paid job. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for new opportunities for further growth, you’re highly likely to find what you need. If you’re looking for some government-related positions, you might be interested in defense contracting, lobbying, non-profit organizations, and publishing. For others, some of the most developed sectors include healthcare, education, finance, and scientific research.

You should start looking for a job long before you actually relocate. There are plenty of ads online, so take your time and start searching through these to find something that fits your qualifications. Another secure way of finding a job in DC is through networking. So, if you know anyone (who knows someone) who could help you, don’t shy away from asking for some recommendations.

Choose From a Wide Range of Excellent Neighborhoods

Did you know that there are as many as 131 neighborhoods in the capital? Thus, it can be somewhat tricky to pick one. The good news is that you probably won’t regret whichever part you eventually choose, as each has something that makes it better than the rest.

Whether you’d like to live in a historic district, a lively area where you can enjoy the vibrant nightlife or a peaceful suburb, you can find it here. In fact, you can find so much more – it all boils down to your expectations and preferences. Some of the top recommended neighborhoods worth considering include the following:

  • Georgetown
  • Dupont Circle
  • Navy Yard
  • Adams Morgan
  • Foggy Bottom
  • Logan Circle
  • Woodley Park

When you decide which part of the city is the best option for you, it’s time to plan your monthly budget. Let’s see how high the cost of living in DC is.

Beware of the High Cost of Living

If you’re thinking about starting anew in the capital, it is essential that you consider the cost of living before you start packing your bags (or call our movers to do that for you). The cost of living is known as rather high, but with a solid salary and good planning of your monthly budget, it is manageable to live comfortably.

When it comes to housing costs, for instance, renting is the more affordable option. As for food, the prices are lower than in New York, for instance, but still rather high compared to other US cities. You should also take into account transportation, healthcare, and, of course, taxes. Washington DC residents are required to pay federal income taxes, alongside a progressive District Income Tax and property taxes.

The Capital Is Waiting for You

No matter how far away you might be from the capital, your relocation there doesn’t have to be a nightmare. On the contrary – it can be a smooth breeze when you rely on the right crew. Cross Country Movers will be more than happy to give you a hand with every step of the process. From packing and loading to shipping and storage, we’ve got you covered. Do not hesitate to ask for a free moving quote to find out how much money you’ll need and plan your budget on time.

In case you’re still having second thoughts about relocating to Washington DC, think about all the advantages and disadvantages of living here. Remember that this is an excellent choice if you want to pursue a career and a big salary, which can easily offset the high cost of living. If you have a chance, visit the city before you book your move to be sure you’ve made the right choice.

Our Customer Stories

Thousands of people move with Cross Country Movers every year, and these are just some of their stories.

Morgan O.
  • Morgan O.

    I have plenty of antique furniture, and I was surprised to see how they handled it all. I was observing carefully, and from what I’ve seen, they seem to know what they’re doing, so it was definitely worth every cent.

    Izzy J.
  • Izzy J.

    As someone who moves frequently, I have worked with numerous companies. But now, I am pretty sure I finally found the one I will gladly hire again. Well done, Cross Country Movers!

    Michael P.
  • Michael P.

    Thank you for professional and timely service, my family couldn’t have done this without the best crew in the moving industry. Just keep rocking, I mean, moving!

    Julia K.
  • Julia K.

    I had loads of stuff, and these guys packed it all in no time! Don’t know how they did it. I wish they were there to unpack though, seriously, you need to include that service ASAP!

    Jennifer S.
  • Jennifer S.

    They were very careful with everything, especially with glassware and other fragile items, I am impressed by how they wrapped and packed everything so promptly. I will certainly consider hiring them again for my next relocation.

    David M.
  • David M.

    I just moved out of my parents’ place with these guys. They are the best, special thanks to them. I just wish I could tip them more.

    Dereck T.
  • Dereck T.

    Everything was fine, although I expected that they would be able to deliver a bit earlier than arranged, but ok, it was still a pleasant experience.

    Meghan R.
  • Meghan R.

    Absolutely exceeded my expectations, stellar service. Everything was as agreed and on time, easily one of my best moving experiences so far. I highly recommend Cross Country Movers to anyone who’s tired of unprofessional scammers.

    Chuck P.
  • Chuck P.

    I am very happy with how they managed everything, even my wife was impressed, which says a lot. We are a big family with a lot of children, so we have a lot of unnecessary stuff, but we like to drag them wherever we move, so special thanks to these guys for sticking through, packing it all, and shipping to our new home.

    Joan M.
  • Joan M.

    I like to think that I have finally been rewarded for years of dealing with scamming moving companies and that God sent me to Cross Country Movers. I could write a book about all the bad experiences I have, so it is safe to say that I was a bit skeptical. But these guys proved me wrong. There are trustworthy companies, after all!

    Mickey L.
  • Mickey L.

    My friends warned me that I should not move during the summer, but I still wanted to do it. Luckily, Cross Country Movers managed to find some time for me and help me move closer to the beach and have the best summer ever. Warm regards from the sunny West Coast.

    Tim B.
  • Tim B.

    I can’t believe I hit the jackpot on the moving lottery from the first shot! It all happened so quickly. I got a job offer on Monday and decided to leave everything and book my relocation on Wednesday. Cross Country Movers were there for me and guided me through the entire process since I never really moved out of my hometown, nor did I have the time to do the research. I am more than grateful to them.

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