Moving To or From Seattle

If your heart is set on moving to Seattle, and you want to learn about the best way to do it, you are in the right place. Professional service from Seattle Cross Country Movers will provide you with the best possible experience while your only job will be to lift your feet up and enjoy. How do we do our business, and why do we sound so confident? We’d love to explain that in our guide.

Cross Country Moving Is What We Excel At

Years of experience, well-trained team, and dedication to be the best in the industry have led us to what we are today – a reputable relocation company that services all of the US mainland and provides you with the best possible experience. We strive to make every customer feel satisfied after working with us, and so far, we’ve done a good job. Numerous reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook from our previous customers can confirm that. One thing is for sure – if you wish to move to Seattle, Washington, our company is the one you should hire.

We have found a formula that works – book our professional Seattle movers and have all services done with only one company. We can provide you with relocating your household goods, packing, auto transport, high profile storage, and insurance services for everything you wish for. We can get you a bundle deal, which means that getting your household goods and vehicle relocated with us will cost you less than paying for them separately. From whichever state you contact us, we’ll make sure to organize your move to the Emerald City. We can relocate you from almost everywhere in the country, but if you call from some of the states we don’t usually serve, we’ll make sure to see what we can do. We do deliveries in all states except Montana, Idaho, North and South Dakota, Hawaii, and Wyoming.

Why Are Our Relocation Services So Good?

Unlike other relocation companies in the industry, we won’t be charging a customer by the weight or volume of their items, because we don’t think of that as fair. The best possible way of charging is by the inventory list – the list of items that you wish to move. That way, you’ll have full insight and control in what your move will cost. If the list has an item more, the price will go up, and vice versa. We encourage every client to change the list as many times as they want until one day before the pick-up day. What is important to us is that we have a detailed and accurate list of all the stuff, so there will be no surprises and changing the price. From the point when we know the complete list of items, we will provide you with an all-inclusive and guaranteed price with no hidden fees, taxes, or costs.

If you’re not so sure about how to make an inventory list, or you have too much stuff and you’re afraid that you might forget something, our team of dedicated relocation specialists is here to help out. Feel free to give us a call, and we will give our best to help out. Our team is available even during the weekends and holidays.

Large moves sometimes require our estimators to come to your place and make an inventory list with you, so we also do in-home estimates in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York. In other cities, we can arrange video surveys – you just turn on the camera on your phone/tablet/laptop and walk us through your home, and we’ll make an inventory list.

There are also options to get a free quote if you call us or submit a request via our website. That way, you can compare the service and price you get from us to the other company’s offers.

P.S. Have in mind that some relocation companies like to tell the customer a ballpark or a low cost to win over customers because it sounds tempting, but at the end of the relocation, they charge a way higher price. Don’t let those companies trick you – as soon as you get on the line with a representative, ask about all the costs that you can expect.

Get Packing Services for Free and the Full Pack Option for an Additional Cost

With no additional paying, we’ll provide you with disassembling, reassembling, and packing of everything bigger than a box. It belongs to our standard service, and we’ll love to help you with this tedious and sometimes complicated task. You can pack your belongings in boxes by yourself, and all of the furniture pieces, as well as electronics, mirrors, pictures, and TVs, will be packed by us for free.

If you feel that packing your boxes is just too much work for you or you want to be sure that everything will be covered and protected, ask our sales representative for a full packing service. It will come for an additional cost, but you won’t have to lift a finger on the day of the move. Our professional crew will handle all the items you wish to be packed and transported to the new home, and nothing will be damaged or broken.

Car Shipping

One of the things that make everything easier is the fact that you can do all the work with only one company, so if you choose us, we’ll gladly relocate your car to the Emerald City as well. We will pick up your vehicle within three days if you’re in a hurry, but we can also save a spot for you months in advance.

There are also options for transporting your four-wheeler. Choose which one you like better – open or enclosed trailer. An open trailer is a cheaper and more common version because more cars can fit on one trailer. Enclosed one is preferred by people who wish to transport expensive cars like oldtimers or rare models. It’s convenient because your car will be covered all the time and there will be no damage from the weather or any other outdoor factors.

We Also Offer Storage Services

How many people move to Seattle in a day? Let’s say 30 on average. And how many don’t have a place that’s ready for them to move in? We can only guess. That’s why you should also keep in mind that we offer a month of free high-profile storage services to all of our customers. If you have some renovations going on, or you just haven’t found your perfect spot yet, or it’s about to become vacant, feel free to ask our sales representative for a storage unit either on pick up or drop off location. Our job is to make you feel relaxed and comfortable when relocating with us, so you can rest assured that nothing will be missing when storing your belongings. We will label with a barcode every item that enters the storage and check it in before entering. Those items need to be checked out after being stored in a climate-controlled, disinfected, and surveillance-covered space. Your belongings will be separated from other people’s things, so there will be no mix-up.

Get Insurance for Your Valuables

Anything that you move with our company can be insured. We have a minimum liability coverage by default for all moves, which covers 60 cents per pound of damage. When you think of that, it isn’t much – if a valuable 100-pound item got totaled, you would get $60 reimbursement for that damage. For that reason, we offer full replacement value insurance, an insurance plan that covers all the items that we pack and move. We can also insure your valuables (items or sets with a value of over $1000 apiece). When it comes to insuring your vehicle, we include up to $100,000 of coverage for vehicles in open trailers and up to half a million dollars for enclosed ones. Both of them come for free.

There Are Things You Should Know Before Moving to Seattle

If you’ve been asking yourself What you need to know before moving to Seattle or Is Seattle a nice place to live, we would like to give you some first-hand answers. Here’s what everyone who’s new in Seattle should know:

Where to Live in Emerald City After Moving?

Finding the right spot for a living is one of the most important tips for moving to Seattle. Your perfect neighborhood will depend on your preferences, and luckily, there are so many great options. For example, if you are interested in a place where you can live and raise your kids, you should go for Ballard or West Seattle. Great nightlife, amazing restaurants, and many other entertaining options wait for you at the Capitol Hill. Downtown is amazing if you are looking for employment since it is the place with most companies in one place. If you’d like to live somewhere where you can be surrounded by green spaces, consider living in North Admiral or Golden Gardens Park. Among the most affordable options are South Park and Georgetown.

It Is Easy to Find a Job Here

If you’re not relocating here because you’ve got a new position, it would be best to find a job before you relocate. It won’t be hard, and it will give you a sense of stability and security. The Emerald City area is thriving and has many job opportunities. Amazon and Microsoft are based here, so if you are in the tech industry, you’ll have no worries. Some other big companies like Starbucks and Costco have headquarters here as well. Boeing is another big employer in this Washington city, and so is the University of Washington. You can also seek employment in Providence Health & Services since they employ around 20 thousand people.

Is Seattle a Good Place to Raise a Family?

This question also belongs to the group “what to know before moving to Seattle” and the answer is an absolute yes. It is a very diverse place, with many green areas and beaches for kids to play and grow in a healthy environment. Organizing activities won’t be a problem here – there is the stuff that kids can enjoy like parks and museums, or you can go on an adventure together such as hiking, biking, or having a picnic. There are plenty of options when it comes to public and private schools with high rates. After that, great colleges and universities wait for your kids to continue their education.

Climate Can Be Tricky: It's One of the Places With a Lot of Rain

But it is not as rainy as everyone says. The climate in the biggest city in Washington state is an oceanic one with warm, beautiful summers and mild and wet winters. There’s also snow in this area, mostly in December and February, while the rain falls for 150 days on average. As for the weather hazards, there are windstorms and ice storms. The coldest average temperature per month is 35.6 F in December, while the warmest goes to 76.3 F in August.

If You’re Moving to Seattle From California, Know That Living Here Costs More Than in LA

You’ve probably already heard this, but this Washington city is a pricy place, and you will need a guide for the cost of living. If you are moving to Seattle alone, your costs will be $1,150 per month without the rent, while a four-person family will spend $4,130. More than 40% of your income will be spent on rent, which varies from $1,660 to $2,140 for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center. Compared to Los Angeles, the cost of living is almost the same as in the Emerald City, but it’s still a bit more expensive here. San Francisco remains the winner when it comes to pricing – you’ll need $8,300 for the same standard that you can have for $6,300 in the Emerald City.

Moving From Seattle

If you are a Seattleite that wants to leave the city give us a call. Cross Country Movers can assist you if you want to move from Seattle to some other location. We can provide you with superb packing, moving, auto shipping, and storage services. All you have to do is contact us, ask for a free quote, and book all the services you need. Let us do all the grunt work while you are house and job hunting.


Our Customer Stories

Thousands of people move with Cross Country Movers every year, and these are just some of their stories.

Morgan O.
  • Morgan O.

    I have plenty of antique furniture, and I was surprised to see how they handled it all. I was observing carefully, and from what I’ve seen, they seem to know what they’re doing, so it was definitely worth every cent.

    Izzy J.
  • Izzy J.

    As someone who moves frequently, I have worked with numerous companies. But now, I am pretty sure I finally found the one I will gladly hire again. Well done, Cross Country Movers!

    Michael P.
  • Michael P.

    Thank you for professional and timely service, my family couldn’t have done this without the best crew in the moving industry. Just keep rocking, I mean, moving!

    Julia K.
  • Julia K.

    I had loads of stuff, and these guys packed it all in no time! Don’t know how they did it. I wish they were there to unpack though, seriously, you need to include that service ASAP!

    Jennifer S.
  • Jennifer S.

    They were very careful with everything, especially with glassware and other fragile items, I am impressed by how they wrapped and packed everything so promptly. I will certainly consider hiring them again for my next relocation.

    David M.
  • David M.

    I just moved out of my parents’ place with these guys. They are the best, special thanks to them. I just wish I could tip them more.

    Dereck T.
  • Dereck T.

    Everything was fine, although I expected that they would be able to deliver a bit earlier than arranged, but ok, it was still a pleasant experience.

    Meghan R.
  • Meghan R.

    Absolutely exceeded my expectations, stellar service. Everything was as agreed and on time, easily one of my best moving experiences so far. I highly recommend Cross Country Movers to anyone who’s tired of unprofessional scammers.

    Chuck P.
  • Chuck P.

    I am very happy with how they managed everything, even my wife was impressed, which says a lot. We are a big family with a lot of children, so we have a lot of unnecessary stuff, but we like to drag them wherever we move, so special thanks to these guys for sticking through, packing it all, and shipping to our new home.

    Joan M.
  • Joan M.

    I like to think that I have finally been rewarded for years of dealing with scamming moving companies and that God sent me to Cross Country Movers. I could write a book about all the bad experiences I have, so it is safe to say that I was a bit skeptical. But these guys proved me wrong. There are trustworthy companies, after all!

    Mickey L.
  • Mickey L.

    My friends warned me that I should not move during the summer, but I still wanted to do it. Luckily, Cross Country Movers managed to find some time for me and help me move closer to the beach and have the best summer ever. Warm regards from the sunny West Coast.

    Tim B.
  • Tim B.

    I can’t believe I hit the jackpot on the moving lottery from the first shot! It all happened so quickly. I got a job offer on Monday and decided to leave everything and book my relocation on Wednesday. Cross Country Movers were there for me and guided me through the entire process since I never really moved out of my hometown, nor did I have the time to do the research. I am more than grateful to them.

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