Moving To or From Houston

      Are you relocating to the so-called City With No Limits from some other part of the US? Then you might need professional long distance movers who offer an impeccable service to their clients. At CCM, we always strive to fulfill client’s requests in a timely manner and make sure that every part of their relocation goes stress-free. CCM offers all moving-related services you might be interested in, including car shipping, insurance, storage, and full or partial packing service. So whether you’re relocating to a one-bedroom apartment or a family home, we got you covered.

      Why Move With Cross Country Movers?

      2020 is an unpredictable year, and we are only halfway through it, but the CCM team showed that we can handle every challenge and surpass every obstacle that comes in our way. We know that a lot of people are questioning their decision to move in such delicate times. Therefore, we strive to continue doing our business professionally, while keeping our employees and clients’ safety as our top priority. If you have any doubts about moving to Houston, please do not hesitate to contact us, our agents will gladly answer all your questions and guide you through the process.

      Movers carrying boxes and loading the moving truck

      What Makes Cross Country Movers Stand Out When Compared to Other Companies?

      Whether or not you have moved before, you are certainly familiar with notorious rumors about the moving industry. Due to many fraudulent companies prone to scamming, low-balling, or keeping goods as hostage, many people opt to move on their own, which is often not the easiest or cheapest way to move. To avoid any dealings with such fraudulent enterprises, CCM strives to do its business entirely transparently. We offer guaranteed prices, professional services, and have years of experience in relocating all kinds of items.

      How Do We Set a Price

      Low-balling clients is one of the most frequent scams in this industry, which is why CCM offers only guaranteed prices. They are not based on volume or weight but solely on the client’s inventory list. The price can go up or down only if the client adds or removes something from the list, which can be done a day before the day of the relocation.

      Moving Household Goods

      Whether you are relocating to H-town from nearby states such as Oklahoma or Louisiana, or all the way from Oregon, we can help you safely transport your belongings. Including one of the most exhausting and time-consuming activities, disassembling and reassembling furniture. If you don’t have a lot of things and want to pack them on your own, feel free to do so, our basic service offers the option to ship items that we’re not packed by our team of packers. However, if you don’t want to risk damaging something fragile or just don’t have the time to wrap and pack, here’s what you can expect to get if you opt for our full packing service.

      Full Packing Service

      If you don’t want to bother buying all the packing supplies and then spend days packing everything, leave it to our team of professional packers. They have the necessary skills and techniques to finish everything in no time. The crew will bring all supplies and start packing according to the inventory list you previously provided us with. We have all sorts of padding and wrapping materials, mattress covers, and boxes in all possible sizes. In case you want custom crating, we offer that as well. Every item will get its own barcode sticker that will be scanned twice, during loading and unloading, so you can rest assured that none of your goods will get lost in the process.

      30 Days of Free Storage

      You are checking out some of the best neighborhoods in H-town, but you are still not sure where to settle down? We understand you. H-town has a lot of great districts, but finding the balance between your budget, the size of the home, your job, school, and so on, can be quite time-consuming. Also, if you decide last-minute that you want to repaint those walls or do a bit of remodeling before you start unpacking, this is the most convenient service you could get. That is why we offer the first month of using our storage units completely for free because we know you’ll need it.

      Car Shipping to Houston, Texas

      Although public transportation in H-town works well, having a car here is a must since nothing can replace the comfort of using your own vehicle for the daily commute. Cars are one of those things we get attached quickly, which is why many people choose to ship their vehicle, regardless of whether it’s a new one or ten years old vehicle. Also, it’s much easier to ship it and continue driving the car you are already used to than to try to sell it, and then bother with buying another one. When it comes to car shipping, we offer two options:

      • Open trailer – if you’re looking for the fastest way to ship your car cross country and also the most affordable one, an open trailer is the right solution.
      • Enclosed trailer – due to the higher price of transport, you won’t see a lot of these on the road. They can accommodate fewer vehicles and are perfect for owners of expensive or classic cars who don’t want to risk any scratches or damage.

      Do We Offer Insurance?

      Yes, we do offer insurance, but only for the items packed by our packers. When relocating your household goods with us, there is the mandatory liability insurance of 60 cents per pound. However, we always recommend our clients to go for full replacement insurance. This additional service guarantees that you will have full value replacement coverage for your belongings. We also provide insurance for car shipping that covers scratches, dents, and other external damage, up to $100,000 when using an open trailer, and up to $500,000 when transporting a car in an enclosed trailer.

      What Do I Need to Know Before Moving to Houston?

      What is the essential information you should know before relocating to a new home? H-town is one of the most popular cities for newcomers in the state of Texas, and it has almost 7 million residents in its metro area. Thousands of people move here every year, which is no wonder considering all the pros of living in one of the best cities in Texas and the US.

      Whether you are looking for job opportunities or you just enrolled at the local University, we are sure you won’t ever need to say: Houston, we have a problem. Unless when you’re looking for a place to park your car, that might be a problem sometimes just like in other large cities. Also, we do not recommend you park under the sun; it’s too hot for that.

      Is It Expensive to Live in Houston? Costs of Living as a Houstonian

      Whatever H-town guide you look at, you will notice one thing – they all say it’s not expensive to live here. And it really is not. That makes this city great for everyone who’s on a budget, but also for those people who like living comfortably without having to stress about finances. On average, a single person needs around $870 for living per month, without rent, and the average monthly salary is around $4,100, so there’s a lot of room for rent and other expenses. Leases can vary, but even in a central location, a one-bedroom apartment can be found for $1,400 on average, while if you go a bit farther from the center, you can save up to $400 for an apartment of the same size.

      The Best Affordable Places to Live in Houston, Texas

      Finding a good place to settle down is not easy, especially when there are so many great areas to choose from. Whether you are relocating with family, pets, or alone, you’re certainly going to be torn between many great neighborhoods. Luckily, prices won’t be your biggest concern because the housing market here is vast, and most importantly, the prices are reasonable. Here are our five recommendations for the best safe and affordable communities in this city:

      • Eastwood
      • Westchase
      • Kingwood
      • Midtown
      • Sugarland

      Should I Search for Apartments Before I Find a Job?

      If you are planning to relocate to H-town, but you still haven’t found a steady job, you might be in a dilemma what to search for first: a home or a job? The best would be both. But if you can’t manage to find both on time, consider if you have enough savings to cover the first several weeks. It will be much easier to go job hunting when you are already there in the right place.

      H-town got its nickname Space City because the space center for training astronauts is located in its area, and aviation and aerospace are among the biggest industries here. There are also a lot of oil and gas companies, as well as digital tech companies. So if you’re looking to work in some of these industries, polish your CV and start sending applications.

      How Much Does It Cost to Move to Houston?

      The cost of relocation depends upon a lot of factors, and there is no such thing as a universal guide that could tell you how much it could cost you. The amount of things you have is important, but even more, the distance between your old and new home. No matter what corner of the country you live in, feel free to contact us, and we will help you get an idea of how the process goes and how much it could cost you.

      Tips & Tricks for Relocating to Houston:

      Weeks long preparations and packing can be the most stressful part of every relocation, especially if you are not used to planning everything in advance. Therefore, we curated a brief guide with tips you can follow to make everything go as smoothly as possible.

      • Create an inventory list of your entire household, so you can have a better picture of the amount of stuff you are dealing with.
      • Go through all of your stuff and try to donate or sell everything that was not used in the last year or longer.
      • Start packing with off-season clothes and things you do not use daily, and check the local weather forecast for H-town, its subtropical climate might surprise you.
      • If you are relocating alone, check online for organized meetups and events you can attend to meet other Houstonians.
      • When scouting for homes, pay attention to demographics and try to find where people like you live and find a community that suits your lifestyle.
      • It might sound silly, but floods here are on another level, which is why many develop antlophobia – the fear of floods. But don’t let that get in your way, just check if there will be any rain on your relocation day and prepare raincoats, boots, as well as insect repellents.

      Is Moving to Houston a Good Idea?

      You can never know if some idea is good enough unless you try it, right? The same is for relocations, but the thing is, if you don’t try it, you’ll always be wondering what if. Give H-town a chance and find out what makes this city so great, besides the fact that it is the hometown of NASA and Beyonce. Just make sure you have done your research and found a good place because H-town is a large and diverse city. So if you are feeling ready to make that big decision, contact CCM, and let that be your first step towards your new future in H-town.

      Moving From Houston

      As you could see in this guide, moving shouldn’t be complicated and exhausting. If you plan to move to or from Houston, pick Cross Country Movers. We offer packing, car shipping, and storage services to help you relocate the best way. With Cross Country Movers, you can stay relaxed. All you should do is to call us, and we will do it for you.

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