Moving To or From Dallas

      Relocation is a complex process, but when moving to Dallas, it’s worth it. Along with Fort Worth, Triple D makes one of the largest metropolitan areas in the state. D-Town itself is one of the US fastest-growing cities, and it ranked second on the list of the cities with the highest rate of employment growth in the States.

      To make your long-distance relocation as smooth as possible, you need a team of highly skilled professionals. Cross Country Movers are here for you, so don’t hesitate to give us a call and schedule your move.

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      With Cross Country Movers, Moving to Dallas Will Be a Stress-Free Experience

      Organizing a move is a lot of work, so hiring movers may be the best choice. Cross Country Movers are a group of highly-skilled professionals who will go with you through each step of your relocation to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

      Our movers will assist you in making a plan that suits your needs and will advise you on how to handle your relocation budget. When it comes to our services’ quality, the number of our satisfied clients says it all.

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      We Are Famous for Our Shipping Services

      Moving cross country is a big step, especially if you’re relocating for the first time. Hiring professionals who are specialized in long-distance moving will make things much more comfortable.

      Cross Country Movers will ensure the safe transport of all your belongings while you are getting ready to enjoy the new chapter of your life called – Dallas. The variety of our shipping services will give you the freedom to organize the move most suitable to your budgets and needs.

      What is the best thing of all? We provide you with the exact price of relocation based on your inventory list. There will be no estimates or hidden costs. The only way for a given price to change is for you to alter the list of belongings that will travel with you.

      Packing Services Are Our Speciality

      The most exhausting and time-consuming part of each relocation is packing. It can even be quite emotional when you have to decide what items to take with you and which one to leave behind.

      Cross Country Movers will help you prepare all your belongings for relocation and ensure that everything is packed correctly, so no damage happens during the transport. Your part of the work is to decide what we are going to pack, and the rest is our responsibility.

      When it comes to packing, we offer you service from our experienced crews. With CCM, you can opt between several packages. If you go with full packing service, our team will pack your entire household, while with basic package our movers will disassemble and pack your furniture and other large items, but won’t be packing boxes with smaller things.

      Furthermore, we put a barcode on every box. It is scanned before loading and after unloading, as well as before entering and leaving the storage unit. That way, there is no way for anything to get misplaced or lost.

      Check Out or Packing Supplies Offer

      Making things easier is our motto. Our mission is to make your relocation as smooth as possible. We offer you all the necessary moving supplies from all sorts of boxes and packages to bubble wrap, blankets, and other materials you need.

      Our movers will make your inventory list and advise you on what materials are most convenient for packing your belongings. Next, you should visit our website and make your purchase. Our team will make sure that all your items are well-placed and secured when putting them in the truck.

      We Offer Car Shipping and Ensure the Safe Transport of Your Vehicle

      A car is one of the most valuable items you own, so once you decide you want to have it in your new location, you need to find a way to ship it. With Cross Country Movers’ car shipping service, you will not have to worry about whether your beloved vehicle will be safely delivered to your new home. We offer open and enclosed trailers for shipping cars, so you have the possibility of choosing the most convenient one.

      Insure Your Belongings Against Damage

      Against all the odds, and precautions taken, mishaps can happen. Some belongings are too valuable to be measured in money, true, but the insurance policy is a way to protect yourself at least a bit. Cross Country Movers provide a mandatory coverage of 60 cents per pound of transported items, but we strongly recommend that you go for full coverage. It is important to note that only stuff packed by our moving team is covered by insurance.

      If you choose to let CCM handle auto transport for you, your car will be covered against damages up to $100,000 if it’s transported in an open trailer, and up to $500,000 if it’s in an enclosed trailer.

      Your Belongings Will Be Safe and Well-Protected in Our Storage

      When organizing a long-distance move, people often wonder if there is an option to store their belongings during the relocation process. We are glad to tell you that we offer private and temperature-controlled storage where your belongings will be safe and well-protected before the next stage of the journey.

      After your stuff is packed and loaded into the truck, our team will drive it to our storage facility. And that’s not all—we offer a month of storage for free.

      Choose Where Your Future Home Will Be

      Keep in mind that when choosing where to relocate, your search doesn’t end with picking the city. You need to find a part of it most suitable for your needs.

      The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the state, while D-Town itself has so many beautiful neighborhoods suitable for all ages. It will take time before you decide which one should be high on your list. Many places in Big D are affordable but also offer a variety of possibilities that will make your life there quite enjoyable.

      When Moving to Dallas, Consider Living in These Neighborhoods

      Whether you are a young professional, looking for an urban area, or you are relocating with a family, D-Town neighborhoods have something to satisfy everyone’s high expectations. Check the most popular ones.

      • Uptown – Located north of downtown Dallas, Uptown is just the right place to pick if you are a young adult looking for a place to rent. It is an urban neighborhood packed with a lot of boutiques, restaurants, and cafes.

      It is the city’s most walkable area, and it’s filled with parks ideal for spending time outdoors. The most vibrant part of it is the McKinney Avenue, a mixture of offices, residential buildings, restaurants, and bars.

      • M Streets – Couples and young families looking for an ideal D-Town area, should check out M Streets. It is the neighborhood with beautiful tree-lined streets and homes built in the 1920s. It is close to the city’s downtown, and it’s the main street – Greenville Avenue offers a variety of restaurants, shops, and bars.

      In the past couple of years, the area has become a bit expensive, but it does not lose its popularity. Back in the 1990s, on average, redone homes cost around 200,000 dollars, and nowadays, they stand between 350,000 and 500,000 dollars.

      • Lake Highlands – Welcome to the neighborhood popular among young professional couples who seek to live in Triple D, but want to avoid the noise and the crowd of the downtown.

      Being part of the Richardson school district also makes it ideal for families with kids. Residents have excellent access to job centers in Plano and Richmonds as well as to downtown. The prices for three-bedroom homes start from 200,000 dollars, but expensive options are available too.

      • Grapevine – People love living here due to the variety of parks, an excellent school system, and low taxes. It’s also an area famous for plenty of annual events and festivals. Grapevine is packed with many wineries, but it’s mostly famous for being the state’s Christmas capital.
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      Cost Of Living in D-Town, Texas

      One of the first things people think about when relocating to another city is whether it is expensive to live there. The overall cost of living, among other things, includes groceries, utility bills, transportation, clothes, etc. But what is more important than anything else, is how much you’ll have to spend on accommodation.

      Costs of Housing in Dallas

      The median value of a home in Big D is around 225,000 dollars. In the past year, the prices have gone up around 1.9%. However, the predictions are that within the next year, the prices will fall by 2.4%.

      To rent a one-bedroom apartment in the city’s center, you’ll need around 1,500 dollars per month, while the three-bedroom place is a bit more than 3,000 dollars per month.

      In terms of housing, when compared to its Texan counterparts, Dallas is costlier than Houston but way more affordable than Austin.

      What is the Housing Choice Voucher Program—Section 8

      The housing choice voucher section 8 program is created to help the elderly, disabled, and low-income families to afford healthy and safe housing. It can be a townhouse, a single-family home, or an apartment.

      There are agencies (PHAs) that work locally and handle housing choice vouchers. Those who get a coupon need to find housing, but the house owner must agree to rent it under the program’s conditions.

      The responsibility of the public housing agency is to pay the housing subsidy on behalf of the family who is going to live in a chosen house. In order to apply for the voucher, all who are interested need to contact their local PHA.

      The Big D Offers Great Job Opportunities

      Did you know that the Big D is on the top of the list of US cities with the highest salaries? Thanks to the big corporations that have chosen Dallas, Texas, for their headquarters, the town offers fantastic job opportunities.

      Companies like American Airlines, AT&T, JCPenney, Southwest Airlines, Fossil, and Kronos are just some of the big names that choose Triple D, Texas, for home. The Baylor Healthcare System and Texas Health Resources, Inc. are also some of the top employers here.

      The significant advantage of D-Town is that it is quite affordable for people who want to start a business. In 2019 Dallas was ranked second on the Forbes Magazine list of “Best Places for Business and Careers.”

      Relocating to or From the Big D

      As you could see in our short guide, Dallas has so much to offer, whether you are a young professional or relocating with a family. If you are moving to or from Dallas, it’s up to you to pick a moving date. Remember, organizing a move can be pretty exhausting – so give us a call. Cross Country Movers are here for you and will help you relocate without worrying about a thing.

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