Moving To or From Austin

      Are you thinking about relocating to one of the sunniest cities in the US, dubbed The Live Music Capital of the World? ATX is a major tech hub with a variety of entertainment options and affordable cost of living, and it is no wonder that it gains 100 new residents every day. If you want to be one of them, all you have to do when moving to Austin, Texas, is to seek help from professionals who can safely and efficiently relocate your entire household.

      Cross Country Movers is a reliable moving company with years of experience in the business, which can provide you with a variety of services. The CCM crew can pack your stuff, ship your car, and keep your belongings in our state-of-the-art storage units. With our help, you can easily and without a fuss achieve your dream of becoming a resident of the Texas capital.

      With Cross Country Movers, Relocation Will Be a Piece of Cake

      Cross Country Movers is a team of experts who can handle all types of moves with professionalism and utmost care. With our help, your valuables will reach Austin without a hitch.

      Your home is a place filled with happy memories, and you can’t help but feel protective over it. That’s why, when it comes to moving your possessions, you should work with someone you can trust.

      Cross Country Movers are dedicated to clients’ needs, and with our assistance, you can rest assured that your belongings will arrive at a new address in one piece. Besides transporting furniture from one place to another, CCM offers a variety of moving services that will make the whole relocation run smoothly and stress-free.

      Movers carrying boxes and loading the moving truck

      Take Advantage of Our Full Packing Service

      During the relocation process, you might not have the time or simply the desire to pack your things, and it is great to know that you don’t have to. CCM team of professionals will come to your home, bring all the necessary packing materials, and pack everything with the utmost care and as fast as possible.

      How does our full packing service work? Simply put, we will disassemble any furniture that needs disassembling, wrap valuable electronic devices, breakable items, and everything else you put on your inventory list. In our wide arsenal of high-quality materials are boxes, custom crates, paddings, and mattress covers.

      CCM crew also uses barcode stickers to label every box and scan it electronically once they are loaded onto the truck. This way, we are making sure that all of your boxes are delivered. Upon arriving at your new address, our movers will bring in all the boxes, assemble the furniture they disassembled, and arrange it into the rooms. The unpacking service is not included. However, you can talk with our agents and make a special request. Our main goal is to satisfy the customer, and we will do everything to achieve that.

      When Moving to Austin, Texas, Use CCM Car Shipping Services

      Owning a four-wheeler has many benefits, and since ATX has a network of well-developed highways and tollways, you might want to bring it with you when relocating. CCM has the goal of providing the best car shipping service that will make your relocation efficient and as stress-free as possible.

      We’ve been in the relocation business for a long time, and we understand the importance of cars for our clients. That’s why we offer two types of deliveries, and you can pick whichever suits your needs better: terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door delivery.

      CCM also has two types of careers that can transport your four-wheeler. Our open trailers are the most common and affordable way of transporting cars. Most of our clients opt for this type of service because it is fast and budget-friendly. However, if you are keeping a luxury ride in your garage, consider using an enclosed trailer. It is the best option for rare and classic cars because it offers maximum protection from all kinds of external elements like bad weather and road debris.

      We Give You 30 Days of Free Storage

      If your new home in ATX is not quite ready yet, don’t worry, we god you covered. CCM gives you free storage for 30 days. Our temperature-controlled and secure units are at your service. When the time is right, and your home is ready, our movers will transport your belongings without a hitch.

      Even though the CCM crew is highly experienced and trained, sometimes accidents happen. To avoid the loss of your favorite things, you should get insurance. That’s why we offer you three different valuation options that will protect your belongings through the whole relocation process:

      • Released value protection
      • Full-value protection
      • Third-party insurance

      When you are considering insurance options, make sure you give us a call. CCM agents will provide you with all the necessary details about the insurance or any other service you are interested in.

      Calculate the Cost of Living in ATX Before You Move

      When comparing ATX with other cities with similar industries and populations, know that your hard-earned cash will stretch much further here. Actually, you will save up on transportation, healthcare, and utilities. Additionally, groceries are cheaper since Texas doesn’t tax unprepared foods. Data from a National organization dedicated to economic and development that publishes yearly cost of living index ranks ATX as less expensive than other large metro areas. Depending on your paycheck, you might even manage to save up while staying in the Texas capital.

      Figure Out How Much Money You Need to Make to Live in Austin TX

      Knowing how much money you will need to live comfortably in ATX is essential when negotiating a paycheck and creating a household budget. If you divide up income by the 50/30/20 rule, in which 50% goes on necessities, 30% on fun, and 20% on savings, you will need approximately $98,000 a year to live comfortably. This is stated in a study published by a personal finance website GoBankingRates.

      Some Essential Things You Should Know Before Relocating to ATX

      Get to know the city before you become a resident because it will make the adaptation process much easier. Start with employment opportunities. Silicon Hills is a cluster of high tech companies in ATX, and it is home to major tech industries like video games, biotech, enterprise software, and startup companies. Here, you can find the headquarters of Amazon, IBM, Intel, Apple, PayPal, and many others, making it the perfect spot for career chasers.

      ATX, with its almost million residents, is also a diverse, open-minded, and youthful area. With the median age of 30 years and approximately 5.3% of residents in the LGBTQ+ community, you will feel welcomed no matter your lifestyle.

      Get to Know Some of the Best Neighborhoods Before the Relocation

      Relocating to the capital of Texas will put you in the 11th most populous city in the US. The metropolis is currently undergoing a skyscraper boom, which includes the construction of residential buildings, office space, and hotels. However, it is not all high buildings and skyscrapers, and there are still areas with a suburban vibe, excellent for raising a family.

      When looking for a spot to settle down in check out some of the best neighborhoods, and you can settle down in one that fits the best to your lifestyle:

      • Pleasant Valley is an ideal spot for those looking for affordable housing. Almost 90% of people are renting their homes, and the average monthly rent is $940. The area is located between Colorado River and Ben White Boulevard, and it is very walkable and pet friendly.
      • Barton Hills is the personification of the ATX lifestyle. From vast outdoor spaces to live music, the area has a lot to offer. Barton Hills is the most nature-friendly neighborhood in ATX, with parks, pools, and botanic gardens. The abundance of amenities, however, puts it among the most expensive areas in the metropolis, with a median home value of $514,500.
      • Brentwood is seven miles north of Downtown, and it is famous for its long-term residents, local shops, and a close-knit community. Old tree lines, creeks between homes, and affordable housing complete the small-town vibe. It is ideal for families with kids because there are public and private schools close by.
      • Cherrywood is a favorite among singles and young professionals. Besides quirky charm and friendly vibe, the area can offer to its residents’ newly-constructed condos, contemporary bungalows, and ranches. Go for a job, or take your pet out to play, stop by some bars and pubs and enjoy a few drinks. When the time is right, you can even enjoy the Halloween Parade.

      With Renters Insurance Your Belongings Will Be Protected

      Many states do not require tenants to purchase renters insurance. However, landlords often do. If you are renting a place, having renters insurance is common sense, because the landlord doesn’t have the responsibility to cover damage to your personal property. The policy will keep your valuables protected, and it is among the most affordable insurances whose average cost is approximately $15 a month.

      You'll Be Living in a City With Excellent Entertainment Options

      Live Music Capital of the World counts more than 250 live venues that feature everything from country bluegrass and rock, to jazz and blues every night of the week. Enjoy some old fashion honky-tonk vibe in Broken Spoke, or marvel the aesthetics of Historic Scoot Inn, the oldest bar in central TX.

      When you want to take a breather from crowded spots, spend a day on Lady Bird Lake and enjoy canoeing, kayaking, or strolling along the banks of the lake. Get your camping equipment and head to Pedernales Falls State Park, where you can enjoy stargazing and sandy beaches. For those more adventurous, ziplining through the cypress treetops in Spicewood is a great way to spend the day. Fans of unique spots and creative adventures will love spending time at the Museum of Weird and Cathedral of Junk or taking pics of Hope outdoor gallery. No matter what you like to do, when living in ATX, you will surely find something to keep you entertained.

      The Traffic Leaves Something to Be Desired

      One of the TX mottos is “Drive Friendly,” and ATX is not an exception. The metropolis has a lower than average household percentage without a vehicle, so if you have a car, it might be smart to ship it to your new home.

      ATX lies between Interstate 35 on the east and MoPac Expressway on the west, while the US Highway 183 runs from northeast to southeast. Besides highways, there are several tollway routes created to relieve traffic congestion.

      For those that have to travel out of the state lines, there is Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, located just five miles south of the metropolis.

      Guide to a Variety of Transportation Options

      Roaming around the metropolis is easy if you don’t want to drive because there are more than a few transportation options in Austin:

      • The Capital Metro Bus System covers 535 square miles, and they have more than 1,600 stops and 82 routes.
      • Capital MetroRail connects Downtown with northern suburbs, and it operates on 32 miles of tracks with nine stations.
      • B-cycle is a bike-share program that has more than 70 stations around the metropolis.

      Additionally, if you prefer walking over anything else, you can get out of your house and stroll to work. Data puts the metropolis neighborhoods among the most walkable ones in TX, which explains why one out of every 50 workers goes to work on foot.

      The Heat Makes It a Perfect Place for Outdoor Activities

      You are relocating to a spot located in the middle of a unique transitional zone between the dry deserts of the Southwest and humid, green regions of the Southeast. The subtropical humid climate typically has very hot and long summers followed by short and mild winters.

      True Austinites are used to the heat because approximately 115 days per year, the temperature reaches 90°F, of which around 20 days reach 100 °F. Winters have short-lived bursts of low temperatures known as “Blue Northers,” with January as the coldest month where daytime high reaches 61°F.

      Is It Worth Moving to Austin, Texas?

      Are you relocating to ATX looking for the wonderful weather, the warmth and friendliness of people, booming job market, and exceptional and quirky culture? Whether you are a tech nerd, music lover, career chaser, or even a hippie rest assured everything you are looking for in a city, you’ll find in this TX metropolis. Embrace the culture and overall vibe of the place, and at the end of the day, you will realize that settling down in ATX was a great decision.

      Moving From Austin With Cross Country Movers

      Austin might be a great place for music and food lovers, but if you need a change, relocation is the best answer. When you start thinking about moving from Austin, give Cross Country Movers a call. Our team of professional and highly trained packers and movers will help you relocate in no time. We will provide you with excellent moving, packing, car shipping, and storage services. All you have to do is give us a call and book a move. The rest is up to us.

      Our Customer Stories

      Thousands of people move with Cross Country Movers every year, and these are just some of their stories.

      Dereck T.
    • Yelp

      Dereck T.

      Everything was fine, although I expected that they would be able to deliver a bit earlier than arranged, but ok, it was still a pleasant experience.

      Jennifer S.
    • Trustpilot

      Jennifer S.

      They were very careful with everything, especially with glassware and other fragile items, I am impressed by how they wrapped and packed everything so promptly. I will certainly consider hiring them again for my next relocation.

      Julia K.
    • Yelp

      Julia K.

      I had loads of stuff, and these guys packed it all in no time! Don’t know how they did it. I wish they were there to unpack though, seriously, you need to include that service ASAP!

      Mickey L.
    • Yelp

      Mickey L.

      My friends warned me that I should not move during the summer, but I still wanted to do it. Luckily, Cross Country Movers managed to find some time for me and help me move closer to the beach and have the best summer ever. Warm regards from the sunny West Coast.

      Joan M.
    • GMB

      Joan M.

      I like to think that I have finally been rewarded for years of dealing with scamming moving companies and that God sent me to Cross Country Movers. I could write a book about all the bad experiences I have, so it is safe to say that I was a bit skeptical. But these guys proved me wrong. There are trustworthy companies, after all!

      Izzy J.
    • GMB

      Izzy J.

      As someone who moves frequently, I have worked with numerous companies. But now, I am pretty sure I finally found the one I will gladly hire again. Well done, Cross Country Movers!

      David M.
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      David M.

      I just moved out of my parents’ place with these guys. They are the best, special thanks to them. I just wish I could tip them more.

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