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Moving from Reno


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Do you feel like it would be a good time to move from Reno to another town in the US? Have you had previous experience with relocation or is this your first time moving house? If you haven’t had any experience in relocation, don’t worry. By choosing Cross Country Movers as your long distance moving company, you opt for an understanding group of people who will dedicate all resources to helping you move. One thing you need to be acquainted with before we move on, are the services we provide for our customers. In the list below, you can see the most requested ones:
- home relocation
- professional packing services
- corporal relocation
- shipment tracking
- additional storage space
- moving supplies
- car shipping services

Even if you already have a destination in mind for your upcoming move, it wouldn’t hurt to read our suggestion as well. Pay attention to some details you might want to explore during your own research. For this article, we’ve settled for a town in California, with plenty of opportunities for a fresh start, named Pasadena. 

Pasadena, CA

Pasadena is a modern city with a small-town attitude. Although it’s less than 10 miles from downtown Los Angeles, it truly is a world apart when it comes to safety, education and the general atmosphere. Its fashionable neighborhoods are popular among the A-list crowd, but families won’t have any trouble finding an affordable place to settle down.


It is often called “The City of Roses,” but its original nickname “The Crown of the Valley” fits it even better. Pasadena sits northeast of Los Angeles and is ideally situated close to the Angeles National Forest and a range of gorgeous mountains. Where Huntington Beach or Laguna attract surf bums, you’re more likely to meet hiking and cycling enthusiasts in the Dena. But, although it’s not right on the coast, Pasadena is still only a half hour drive from the beach, all the way without traffic. The smog makes star-gazing difficult, but Pasadena has its own version where the stars in question are of the celebrity and not celestial variety. Pasadena is a popular filming location, so follow the trail of white equipment vans, and you’re bound to spot someone famous.

Movie-like Landscapes

Pasadena itself is also a star, having appeared in thousands of shows and movies, though only rarely as itself. The famous Gamble House, on Millionaire’s Row, also cameos as Dr. Emmett Brown’s house in the Back to the Future   
California craftsman homes were influenced by both California cottages and Spanish architecture, along with the Bungalow style architecture that was relatively popular during the early twentieth century. These types of homes helped inspire the still popular California ranch style home.
Pasadena residential sales have invariably been high when it comes to craftsman style homes because they offer buyers the opportunity to purchase a home with a lot of character and rustic charm and in a variety of price ranges.
Whatever part of the city you have chosen to settle in, you won’t regret. Living in a condo in Old Town or in one of the craftsman’s homes, you will enjoy your new life in this Crown City.

Visit our site for more information on bookings and free quotes. Once you’ve made a decision to move, our team of shippers and packers are ready to play a major role in your relocation. Leave it to us and don’t worry, yours is only to imagine the bright future in this gem on the West coast. 
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