Moving To or From Philadelphia

      Are you moving to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, also known as the City of Brotherly Love? And suddenly your brothers and friends are all busy and out of town? Don’t fall into despair. CCM can help you pack and ship your belongings.


      Why Choose Cross Country Movers

      Cross Country Movers will gladly help you move to Philadelphia. You can choose one or all of our professional services, and rely on us to get everything done on time. CCM offers to pack your entire household and ship it to Philadelphia as fast as possible while taking care that each of your belongings stays safe and sound. We can also ship your car on an open or enclosed trailer, and yes, your vehicle will be insured.

      With years of experience in the moving industry, CCM knows how to handle every request and help you safely move anything, from large mirrors to pianos. We tailored our services to fit the needs of our clients. We also make sure our deals and offers are always transparent. In other words, we offer guaranteed prices for moving household goods.

      Movers carrying boxes and loading the moving truck

      Household Moving

      As a nation-wide company, we offer moving services across the country, covering the majority of the states. Whether you are relocating to Philly from nearby New York or all the way from Los Angeles, we are up to the task. If you prefer, you can pack your belongings on your own, and we will just ship them. Or leave the wrapping and packing to us, and take care of other aspects of your relocation in the meantime.

      Full Packing Service

      What is a full packing service? Briefly said, it means that all you have to do is open the front door and let our team pack everything according to the inventory list you provided for us earlier. We bring our packing supplies such as boxes, padding, bubble wrap, cardboard, and even mattress covers. Custom crated boxes are also available in case you previously arranged them with our sales rep. We will disassemble bulky pieces of furniture, carefully wrap all the electronic devices, fragile items, and put barcode stickers on everything. Barcodes are scanned during the loading and unloading process, so there’s no room for missing or losing anything.

      How We Form the Price

      Our main advantage and the thing we always like to point out is that we offer guaranteed prices. That means that we do not do vague estimates or low-ball our clients. The cost of our services is based solely on the inventory list our clients put together. At CCM, prices do not depend on the volume or weight, which is the main reason why this industry is notorious. As our client, you will get a guaranteed price that can only go higher if you add more items to your inventory list, which you can do until a day before the moving day itself.

      A Month of Free Storage

      You might think you would not need to use storage, but you probably will. And when it is free for the first 30 days, why not? A lot of times, you have to move out, but your new home is not ready yet, or you are still searching for it, etc. Storage can be the best solution in those situations, and we offer you a free month, without obliging you to pay or continue using it after that.

      How to Make an Inventory List

      An inventory list is the list of all the things you want us to ship. Everything counts, and in case you forget something, you can always add items or remove them from the list. In the case of some fragile and bulky items, it is always handy to provide us with rough measurements, so we can prepare custom crating for those objects. When there are too many items, we offer a free in-home estimate in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. Our clients from other cities can film a detailed video-estimate with their smartphones, and we will send them an offer.

      Car Shipping to Philly

      Whether you have a precious classic car, the latest Lambo, or you just want to continue driving your four-wheeler in Philly, we offer professional car transport to the City of Brotherly Love. Our service is door-to-door, which means that, as long as our truck can access your front door, your car will be delivered there. If not, we will meet you at the nearest parking lot. Once you schedule car shipping, we will pick it up within three days, excluding Sundays and holidays.

      Open Trailer Auto Transport

      Open trailers are the fastest and the most affordable way to transport your vehicle or several of them – up to nine at once. It can accommodate more vehicles than an enclosed trailer, but the most significant advantage is the lower price of transport. This is the most commonly used option among our clients.

      Enclosed Trailer Auto Transport

      Owners of expensive cars who can afford the higher price of shipping prefer enclosed trailers. Overall, this is a safer option because your four-wheeler will be protected from bad weather and road debris. The price of shipping is higher, and keep in mind that larger vehicles may not be able to fit in the trailer.


      When letting someone else take all of your belongings, you want to be sure that you will see them again. Or, in the worst-case scenario, if something unexpected happens, that your items are insured. When using CCM services, your belongings will be insured all the time:

      • Household goods – we do have the mandatory liability insurance for 60 cents per pound. However, we strongly advise our clients to opt for additional full replacement value insurance coverage. Another thing is that we do not offer insurance for items that were not packed by our team or with supplies provided by us.
      • Open transport trailers – when using this type of car shipping service, your vehicle is covered for dents, scratches, and other external damage for up to $100,000.00.
      • Enclosed transport trailers – in an enclosed trailer, your four-wheeler is covered for external damage like scratches and dents for up to $500,000.00
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      The Cost of Living in Philadelphia

      Many people wonder if Philadelphia is expensive to live in. The cost of living depends a lot on your lifestyle. But generally speaking, in comparison to cities of similar size, Philadelphia is not over-the-top expensive, especially not like New York or San Francisco. You will never find Philly in the top ten most expensive cities in the US charts.

      On average, a single person living in Philly can spend around $950 per month, without the rent. The cost of rent varies. It depends a lot on the location of your home, but other factors can also have an impact. For example, you can cut the costs in half if you find a roommate to share a home. On the other hand, if you’re relocating with your significant other or a family, it gets much easier when two persons are providing.

      If you’re determined to settle in the center, for a one-bedroom apartment, you will have to pay around $1,600 per month, while for a three-bedroom apartment, you will have to add another $1,000. Prices are more affordable in the suburbs, and they are at least $500 lower. You can also save a lot by using public transportation, walking, or cycling. The city is well connected with buses, subway, and rail lines. A one-way ticket is $2.5, but the monthly pass is $96, and it guarantees an unlimited number of rides with all modes of transportation.

      Is Philadelphia a Good City to Live In?

      As the largest city in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia has around 1.5 million residents, and more than 6 million in its metropolitan area. Sure, it is not as popular as Los Angeles or NYC, but if you give it a chance, Philly might surprise you. The population of Philadelphia is slowly but surely growing, and the median age is 34 years. The unemployment rate of 5.2% is attracting more and more millennials and entrepreneurs.

      And if you’re wondering how and when the city got its famous nickname, the answer lies in Ancient Greek times. Philadelphia, in Greek, literally means “brotherly love.” It is a combination of two words], phílos (beloved, dear) and adelphós (brother, brotherly).

      The city is well connected to New York, so you will be only a 75-minute train ride away from one of the most exciting cities in the world. But that is after you explore Philly properly, because this place has a lot to offer. It has a vast offer of cultural events, art galleries, museums, music venues… Something new goes on every day.

      What Is the Best Neighborhood to Live in Philadelphia?

      This place has a lot of distinct neighborhoods. It is officially divided into 12 planning areas, but roughly counting, there are around 34 unofficial neighborhoods. The boundaries are not clear, and many of them intertwine and overlap. Finding the right one is always a challenge, especially when you’re a newcomer, and you do not have a clue about the local districts.

      Generally speaking, younger adults usually settle in trendy neighborhoods like Old City and Fishtown. These districts have a lot of bars, restaurants, and trendy places where people like to hang out. On the other hand, families usually settle around schools and in the suburbs, where the lifestyle is more slow-paced. So it all depends on your preferences and needs. Here are some neighborhoods that are considered by many to be the best ones.

      Are You Thinking About Moving From Philadelphia?

      Those that live in Philadelphia might consider relocation. No matter your reasons to move, if you are ready for that step, give Cross Country Movers a call. We will make sure the whole process of moving from Philadelphia goes smoothly and without a hitch. Our team can provide you with professional packing, auto shipping, and moving services. All you have to do is give us a call, and our agents will help you book the right service. Don’t hesitate to relocate. With the help of Cross Country Movers, the whole process will be easy and stress-free.

      Art District - Fairmount

      If you want to escape from the crowds and move away from the center, this is the best location for families and anyone who is into art. Renowned museums like Rodin Museum, the Museum of Art, and the Barnes Foundation will be in your neighborhood if you opt for Fairmount. It is also a great community for all fitness fanatics. Running along the river or down the museum steps is a perfect morning workout routine.

      Moving to the Suburbs - Manayunk

      If you’re looking for small-town charm in the suburbs, Manayunk is just 20 minutes away from the center by train. It has a mix of urban and suburban vibes, and it is definitely not a dull neighborhood. Plenty of small shops, restaurants, and cafes are concentrated in the center of Manayunk. It is a favorite choice among families and students due to the proximity to universities and a lower cost of living.

      Popular Apartments - Fishtown

      This former industrial area is now a hipster paradise, a lot like Bushwick in Brooklyn. This unique and quirky neighborhood is full of bars, vintage shops, restaurants, and rooftop places with stunning views. Fishtown is well connected to the center via a subway, and it is popular among younger generations.

      The Best Homes in the Center - Old Town

      One of the most charming neighborhoods with cobblestone streets and a place where all the main historical buildings are located is the Old Town. Modern restaurants, galleries, boutique shops, and the place where everything happens. Rents are slightly higher, but that is the cost of living in the core of the city.

      Cheapest Home Rent in Philly - Point Breeze

      Probably the most affordable area in this place. Its popularity is growing, particularly among families and those who are looking to cut down the costs of living. The city center is still close, and families love it here.

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