Moving To or From Baltimore

      Do you need reputable movers in Baltimore, Maryland? You’ve come to the right place. Our professional Baltimore movers will treat you and your belongings with the utmost respect. We are completely committed to providing our clients with the greatest relocation experience attainable. Get your free quote from us, and be on your way without worry in your mind.

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      Our Baltimore Movers Offer Some of the Best Long-Distance Moving Services

      If you are planning a relocation and are looking through cross-country moving companies, look no further, as Cross Country Moving Company is here to make your move effortless and as stress-free as possible. Every transition carries stress with it, but our experience taught us how to handle the most complex of tasks. Our goal is that every relocation goes like butter for our clients. We can offer you a wide array of moving services like packing, car shipping, storage, and insurance that will be tailored to your specific requirements.

      Our estimates are free and without hidden expenses. We use your inventory list as our guiding star. Changes to this list will be accepted until one business day before the relocation. If you’ve already stretched your finances thin, this is a viable choice. You can add and remove items from the list to best suit your needs. Contact us at any moment for any information you require throughout the process.

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      Step Away and Let Our Professional Movers in Baltimore Do the Packing for You

      Remember that if you can’t handle the stress and distraction that packing entails, you can always hire our experienced packers to do it for you. Our packing services include boxing up your belongings with the best moving materials in the business.

      We will pack you up from the smallest of items to the bigger ones, including your furniture and appliances. Our team will take them apart and assemble them in your new home, and we will do all the loading and unloading onto a truck. We give our clients the standard packing service free of charge, which inclines that we will take care of all the furniture and large belongings you are planning to move.

      You Can Pick From Two Options Our Long-Distance Movers in Baltimore Offer

      We provide complete or partial packing assistance to all clients. Your items will be carefully packed, stored, and transferred with the best packing materials. Partial packing is a good option if you plan to do some of the boxing-up yourself, while our packers will box up some of the items or a whole room. This option is affordable but only includes the packing of 15 boxes. If we exceed this number, you will be charged accordingly by the provided inventory list.

      If you like to leave the hard work in the hands of the experts, we are here to assist you with full packing options. This will save you time for some other tasks, like looking for a place to call home. Contact us for information on the prices of the items you are planning to relocate. Whether you are adding or removing items from the inventory list, you can reach out to us to check how the costs have changed.

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      Go For Crating Service for Some of Your Most Valuable Possessions

      This option comes in handy if you have lost most of the original packaging for your sensitive electronics or need to relocate artwork, antiques, professional pictures, and sensitive valuables. Our firm will make the box with the right dimension for the item you are planning to carry. We will protect everything from damage during transportation by using extra packaging materials.

      Get Your Wheels Going With Our Auto Transportation

      Thinking about the fate our automobile may encounter during the transfer may be highly stressful for any of us. That is why we will supply you with the finest auto transport services and relieve you of this burden. We will take care of your four-wheeler as if it were our own. All of the automobiles in our care are fully insured against any external damage that may occur during transportation. We understand how important your automobile is to you, which is why our shipping support is the finest alternative for transporting it to your new location.

      Choose the Best Transportation Option for This Cross-Country Moving Service

      Open trailers are affordable and widely used, and you can move multiple cars with them. The downside is their openness leaves your car at the mercy of the elements, debris, and dirt, which could lead to scratches and damage to your vehicle.

      If your four-wheeler is a bit up there in price or a classic car, we recommend you choose the enclosed option, as it provides complete protection from the elements and everything that can go down during the transport. You will be at ease with this solution, but you should know that it is a more expensive one.

      Decide What Pick-Up and Delivery Services Best Suit Your Needs

      Our Baltimore, MD, movers have two transportation solutions you can choose from. The first one is a door-to-door option, which entails that we pick up your car and deliver it to your new address. This is the easiest way to relocate your vehicle.

      The second one is a terminal-to-terminal option that includes you leaving the vehicle at our terminal closest to you, and we will deliver it to the nearest one in your area. Be sure that no matter the option you opt for, your automobile will be safe and sound in our care.

      Movers in Baltimore, MD, Will Offer You a Free Storage Service for the First Month

      Don’t be startled or consult a doctor about your vision. Yes, you saw that right. We offer a free month of our storage facilities. Our storage services offer you a climate-controlled environment for your goods that are constantly monitored. If you don’t find a new place to live within this time period, worry not, as you will be charged only for the days you use our facilities. When you feel it is time for your goods to be delivered, contact us, and we will be on our way to your location.

      Our Long-Distance Moving Company Provides Extra Protection for Your Goods With Moving Insurance

      Any sort of insurance is a good choice for removing anxiety from your mind. We provide complete coverage for your goods. This means that in case anything gets partly or completely damaged, lost, or ruined beyond repairs in transportation or while in our care, we will compensate you for it. You’ll be able to sit down, unwind, and enjoy your relocation. With our moving insurance, you will be able to carry on without stressing over the safety of your possessions.

      We have three types of insurance you should get yourself informed on. Our standard insurance is known under the name Mandatory Liability Coverage. This covers all the goods loaded on the truck, no matter who boxed them up. If something gets damaged, you will be compensated 60 cents per pound for everything that got damaged.

      On the other hand, Full Value Replacement Insurance covers the expenses needed for repairing or replacing damaged things. If the product is destroyed beyond repair, we will replace it or compensate you for the entirety of its worth. Keep in mind that this only applies to items packed by our packers.

      In scenarios where something unfortunate transpires to the exterior of your automobile, our car shipping insurance can reimburse you $100,000 for the cars transported in open trailers and $500,000 for cars in enclosed ones.

      Give Baltimore, MD, a Chance to Knock Your Socks Off

      Baltimore, MD, better known as Charm City, is attracting more people to move in each year since it is known as an amazing location for living. It has so much to give, from its rich cultural and historical heritage to its bustling music industry and fascinating communities. Stunning architecture and a handy position on the shores of the Patapsco River make this city a fine spot to live.

      Apart from its inhabitants, Charm City has an impressive economy and is an IT and innovative hotspot. It is the ideal destination to relocate to if you want to start a new job or a family or simply enjoy an adventure. With everything listed above, it appears like Charm City will remain one of the USA’s most popular destinations for many years to come.

      There’s No Better Time to Move Than Now – Enjoy Everything This City Has to Give You

      This place is known for its affordable housing and cost of living. It is an up-and-coming city that offers many job opportunities and has a rich history, culture, and good quality of life. The average house value is going around $200,000, while the median rent is a little more than $1,300. Annual salary reaches a little above $72k.

      Moving away from the center of the city will give you more affordable options for housing. That is why you should check all the neighborhoods and consider which one works best for you. Know that some parts of the city are closer to the greenery and airport, while other parts are very posh and perfect for shopping sprees. We will list some of the greatest options Baltimore offers, and it surely has something for everyone.

      • Bromo Arts District – it is mostly known for its rich artsy reputation with many music clubs, galleries, historic markets, and theaters.
      • Canton – this is the city’s historic neighborhood, full of little marble squares rimmed with coffee shops and restaurants. Buildings are constructed from traditional bricks known in this area and in-row houses.
      • Federal Hill – with its breathtaking view over Inner Harbor and very vibrant scenery, this is one of the most sought locations.
      • Little Italy – you can smell the rich aromas of Italian coffee and food just by reading the name of this neighborhood.
      • Mount Washington – it is located in the north and represents a good spot if you want to be close to the downtown but avoid all that commotion. It’s a perfect mix of hipster, modern, and family-friendly districts.

      Our Cross-Country Moving Services Are at Your Disposal if You Decide to Leave the Charm City

      We can help you move from Baltimore, as well. Our skilled cross-country movers are ready to make the relocation as seamless as possible. We understand that relocating requires enormous effort, and our goal is to relieve some of that stress so you can focus on more vital matters, such as acquiring a home and starting a new job. Contact the Cross Country Moving Company right now for a free estimate, and let’s get you moving cross-country.

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