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      Are you thinking about moving across the country and booking Miami Mover for the job? If you’re looking for new opportunities or just want to enjoy sandy beaches and plenty of greenery, moving to Miami is the way to go. With the help of our Cross Country Movers in Florida, your relocation will be a smooth sail.

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      Simply put, choosing Cross Country Movers in Miami is the right choice. We are a reliable cross-country moving company with years of practice and top-notch services. Since the moving process is challenging and sometimes tricky, our team is there to make it a breeze. With the help of our long-distance movers, you can achieve your dream and become a resident of Magic City without a fuss.

      We Specialize in Long-Distance Relocation

      Is your journey 100 miles long or even longer? Do you need to cross state borders? If so, there’s no place to worry because interstate moves are our specialty.

      We know that you probably have a lot of questions about your relocation and our services. In case of any doubts, you should call us, and we’ll provide you with all answers.

      If you’re not sure whether your budget will meet your needs, don’t worry. Our team will work with you to create the appropriate plan and free quote based on your demands. We respect all our client’s wishes, no matter what.

      Why Is Moving to Miami With Cross Country Movers a Smooth Sailing?

      Whatever type of relocation you need, Cross Country Movers will satisfy all your expectations. Your valuables will be safe and intact as we understand how important your heirlooms and keepsakes are. That’s the reason why relocation should be undertaken by someone you can trust.

      Our moving services are all about your satisfaction and happiness. Your wishes are our command and we won’t stop until we fulfill them. We always adjust our solutions to our client’s needs. So, after you plan your journey and set a move date, the rest is up to us.

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      Choose Between Our Partial and Full Packing Services

      All your items should be packed properly and carefully. If you don’t have enough time or packing supplies to do that, you risk bringing broken things to the new home. To avoid this, book packing services and let professionals do the job.

      With experts at the helm, all you have to do is decide what is worth relocating and putting it on an inventory list. Cross Country Movers come equipped with quality materials and options to choose from.

      A partial packing option means that we will pack up to 15 boxes of your goods. If everything else on the list exceeds that number, it falls under full packing services. To avoid possible damage and financial expenses due to massive losses, go for this option.

      No matter the service you opt for, know that we use barcode labels to mark every package. This way, we can scan everything before loading it onto the truck and avoid mixups.

      Worry Not, We Come Equipped With Quality Packing Materials

      Whether you need to pack a crystal chandelier, bunch a of plates, or family china, our packers will know what to do. We’ll bring all the necessary supplies for an efficient moving experience such as:

      • Boxes and corrugated cardboard sheets,
      • Packing paper,
      • Bubble wrap,
      • Packing peanuts and cushioning,
      • Plastic boxes,
      • Packing tapes,
      • Moving kits, blankets, and pads.

      Of course, you can always purchase all the supplies yourself. However, to avoid buying material that you’re not sure how to use, leave this process to the pros. Our team’s expertise will give you peace of mind when it comes to packing and loading into trucks.

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      Enjoy 30 Days of Free Storage Services

      If your new home in Miami is not ready until move day, we’ve got you covered with our storage services. Cross Country Movers gives you a whole month for free! It’s needless to say our storage units are monitored around the clock and temperature-controlled. So, your beloved stuff will be safe until your home is ready.

      Moving Insurance Won’t Cost You Much, but Means a Lot

      When relocating anywhere, accidents can happen. So, you need to be sure that your belongings are safe and protected. The only way you can achieve that is by booking the right moving insurance.

      In the initial moving estimate, Cross Country Movers include mandatory value protection insurance. It entails that in case of an accident, you are compensated 60 cents per damaged good.

      If you need more security, you should opt for a full-value protection policy. In case of an accident, your items will be replaced or repaired. If that is not feasible, you’ll be rightfully reimbursed for the full value of damaged goods.

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      Car Shipping Costs Are Reasonable With Us

      Cross Country Movers offers two types of deliveries and types of carriers to transport your vehicle. With us, you can add car shipping services to the rest of your relocation plan. This way, you’ll get a significant discount on combined services.

      So, when it comes to delivery, if you want to save some money, the terminal-to-terminal solution is for you. It’s a less frequently used service as you have to deliver and pick up your car at a terminal closest to you.

      Door-to-door delivery is the more popular and convenient method. It comes at an extra price, but the vehicle is delivered to your doorstep or as close as possible to the new location.

      Open or Enclosed Auto Transport Solution, What Best Suite Your Needs

      If you want your relocation to be a complete breeze, taking care of your vehicle is of crucial importance. By choosing open auto transport, you’re opting for a more affordable and efficient solution. We can relocate multiple vehicles at the same time, however, they are open to weather fluctuations and road debris.

      If you would like to have no worries about car shipping, enclosed auto transport is what you need. With this service, your vehicle will be completely protected, but at a higher price. However, if shipping a luxury or classical model, it’s worth it.


      Is Miami a Good Place to Live?

      Miami is the economic, cultural, and financial center of South Florida. People relocate here because of its beautiful beaches and pristine nature. This city is an excellent choice for the forever home.

      It offers plenty of good neighborhoods with specific features and amenities. So, if you are relocating with kids, they will get a well-rounded education and plenty of outdoor space for after-school activities.

      For all those looking for new employment, the Coral Gables neighborhood will fulfill their wishes. It hosts more than 20 foreign government offices, consulates, and about 150 multinational corporations.

      And art aficionados will be impressed with Miami’s cultural diversity and rich history and tradition. It has lots of museums, theaters, ballet companies, symphony orchestras, and Art Deco buildings.

      Beware, It Is Expensive to Live in Miami

      Living in the Magic City is not cheap. However, the sum of money you need to live comfortably depends on many factors. You can always choose where to live without sidestepping the preferred lifestyle.

      Simply put, to support yourself, you must be able to afford food, rent, utilities, and transportation costs. All in all, average monthly expenses are about $2,500, and the cost of living is 14% higher than the national average.

      How Can I Save Money to Live in Miami?

      Living in this city doesn’t mean your life should be too modest and without joy. Saving money is achievable. You can find a rental close to your work. Finding a roommate might be an excellent option if you want to live in a better apartment.

      When it comes to food, there are affordable groceries in Fresh Market on Thursdays. If you want to dine out, do that on workdays when there are many happy-hour options.

      Art admirer galleries in Coral Gables usually have free access every first Friday of the month. And if health is your priority, free yoga classes in parks will be a great choice to let some steam off. Movie buffs can find their pleasure in watching gratis outdoor films every Wednesday in the evening.

      Overall, it’s what you make of it. Moving to Miami can bring you endless opportunities. Whatever your priorities are, and no matter what your plans are, this place has it all. All you have to do is reach out to Cross Country Movers and book our services.

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      Moving To or From Miami

      Moving cross-country was never easier! If you want to move to or from Miami, our long-distance moving company will support you every step of the way. Everything you should do is give us a call and schedule a preferable relocation date. Cross Country Movers will handle the rest.

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