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      If you’re planning to relocate to or from SF, you will definitely need reliable San Francisco movers to help you with every step of your journey. Here is how Cross Country Movers can assist you when moving across the country, provide you with exquisite service, and relocate you effortlessly.

      Cross Country Movers Offer All Types of Moving Service You Could Possibly Need

      Moving cross country can be easier to organize if you have reliable and trustworthy long-distance movers by your side to provide you with all the cross-country moving services you could possibly need. Whether you want them to pack your belongings, store them, or ship your car, organizing everything with one company is the easiest way to deal with the whole process. Not only will it be easier to organize, but it will also be more affordable since our cross country moving company provides special quotes and prices for all customers who combine at least two services of ours.

      When it comes to price estimates, the method we use to provide you with a total cost estimate of relocation is based on inventory lists. The longer your inventory list is, the higher the quote will be. So if you want to control your expenses, downsize your household first and move only those things you will be using in your new home. Inventory lists are very convenient, and you can file yours through our online system.

      Our Trained and Professional Packers Will Take Care of Every Item in Your Household

      Since packing is the most crucial part of all moves, make sure to explore all our packing services and decide whether some of them could be helpful. The standard packing service implies that our professional movers in San Francisco will take care of all your bulky and heavy stuff such as furniture pieces, mattresses, TV, mirrors, or any other box you indicate to be loaded into the truck.

      The best thing about standard package assistance is that we include it in every quote, so you will not be extra charged for it. This service also entails all the boxes and packing supplies needed for protecting your belongings, so you don’t have to worry about that either. Also, standard assistance means that our packers will disassemble and reassemble your furniture and place all your pieces in the right rooms.

      Use the Partial or Full Packing Services by Cross Country Movers

      If you’re looking for the quickest way to pack your household, using our partial or full packing services is the option for you. Our packers will take care of every item you want them to. Partial packaging assistance implies that our team will pack your items in a maximum of standard 15 boxes, so if you don’t want to exceed this limit, choose wisely which items you want our professional packers to handle.

      Full packing service means we can pack more than the initial 15 boxes, or even your whole household. This assistance is especially convenient for all those who are tight with their relocation dates, don’t have time to do it, or simply want to finish everything as quickly as possible. Of course, when you contact our customer support team, your dedicated agent will explain to you in detail how everything works.

      Car Shipping Is Our Specialty – The Best Treatment for Your Vehicle with San Francisco Movers

      We can organize all kinds of moves! So, if you want to transport your vehicle to another city or state, our San Francisco moving company can provide this kind of assistance too. Car-shipping services are available at our company, so if decide to take your car with you, contact your designated agent and schedule the shipping at least five weeks in advance. Your dedicated agent will inform you about all the details and explain how the whole process works. The only thing you should decide is what type of trailer you will choose for auto transport.

      Will You Use an Open or Enclosed Trailer?

      Depending on the car you own, you will be required to choose the right trailer. If you own a standard-sized family vehicle, then an open trailer will be a suitable choice. Moreover, shipping on an open trailer comes at a lower price.

      On the other hand, if you own a larger, luxurious, or vintage vehicle, then transporting it on an enclosed trailer will be a must. Although car transport on enclosed trailers costs more, there are other advantages like greater security and protection from all weather conditions or dangers on the open road.

      How Will We Pick Up and Deliver Your Car?

      Once you schedule car shipping with us, your dedicated agent will offer two pickup and delivery options. Since we operate regional terminals all around the U.S., the terminal-to-terminal pickup and delivery option is absolutely doable, and it is the most suitable for customers who want to save some money and have enough time to dedicate to this task. In case you don’t want to lose any time and get your car in front of your home, then going for door-to-door pickup and delivery will be the most suitable option for you.

      A One-Month-Free Storage Unit Is at Your Disposal!

      If you need a secure storage unit to store your belongings in the safest way, then we will be happy to provide you with a free storage place for one month. All our customers who use our other moving services in San Francisco are offered this free deal, and moreover, they get special prices and conditions in case they need to extend the usage of the storage unit.

      Once we store your belongings, you can be sure they will be completely protected from any possible damage since all our facilities are equipped with temperature control devices to keep the storage units dry and prevent mold. There is also 24/7 video surveillance and an automated system for recording the check-ins and check-outs from the storage place.

      Our Movers in San Francisco Also Offer Moving Insurance

      Since our aim is to secure your belongings in every way, we provide an initial free mandatory insurance policy included in your quote. That grants the reimbursement in the amount of 60 cents per pound of damaged belongings. The second option costs extra and guarantees full-value replacement, which implies that in case any of your belongings packed by professional staff get damaged, you will get a full refund at the value of the damaged items.

      We haven’t forgotten your car either.  If any external damage occurs while the vehicle is under our care on the open road, the amount of refund for cars on the open trailers goes to $100,000 and up to $500,000 on enclosed trailers.

      Bay Area Is a Destination You’ll Just Adore

      We all know that for many people, the Bay is the dream destination to live in. Great location, booming economy, wonderful climate conditions, world-class cultural and food scene, and endless possibilities for outdoor activities are the top reasons people want to relocate here and experience the vibrant city atmosphere.

      Another reason is that SF has various high-paid career opportunities, especially in the tech industry, which is why young professionals are thriving in this area. Software engineers, project and product managers, and data scientists are the most sought in the area, and highest-paid too. This is the seventh-largest county when it comes to personal income in the U.S., and the average salary in SF is $101K.

      High-Class Life, High Cost of Living, and Steep Housing Prices

      Although all the parameters show that the cost of living and housing prices are high above the national average, considering the location, median monthly income, wide range of job opportunities, and high quality of life, they are quite bearable. The median property value in SF amounts to $1.4 million, and of course, depending on the location and neighborhood you chose, the price will differ.

      When it comes to the median rental price, the situation is as follows:

      • 1-bedroom apartment prices range from $1,300 in Visitacion Valley to $3,400 in Mission Bay,
      • 2-bedroom apartment prices range from $2,700 in Visitacion Valley to $4,500 in South Beach,
      • 3-bedroom apartment prices range from $2,900 in Western Addition to $8,900 in South Beach.

      The most affordable neighborhoods in SF are definitely Visitacion Valley, Tenderloin, and Outer Sunset, while the most expensive ones are Mission Bay, Financial District, and South Beach. The good news is that due to the consequences of the global pandemic, rental prices have decreased by 15-20%, so if you ever dreamed of living here, there is no better moment to do it!

      Top San Francisco Neighborhoods to Choose From When Moving

      When it comes to the best neighborhoods, ‘Frisco offers various choices. Whether you want to relocate to a family-friendly area or are searching for the perfect community of young professionals, SF has the solution for you. Here are the top-rated neighborhoods in the area to pay attention to:

      • If you’re looking for charming, historic neighborhoods filled with colorful old mansions, then Russian Hill will be the perfect place for you. Located close to the downtown, only 3 miles away from it, filled with narrow streets, cafes, and restaurants with live music, it provides a vibrant experience for all its residents and plenty of fun. However, keep in mind that this is one of the most exclusive and expensive neighborhoods in the city.
      • One of the top-rated family-friendly neighborhoods is definitely the Marina Area. Numerous parks, plenty of green areas, playgrounds, amazing views of Alcatraz Island and the Golden Gate Bridge, and quiet surroundings are one of the reasons why this area is considered one of the most convenient places to raise a family in SF. Take that into account if you want to relocate with family here.
      • If you’re looking for more affordable options, then Visitacion Valley will be the most suitable solution for you. Only 6 miles away from the downtown, with an urban-suburban mix feel, quality public schools, and transportation, it is usually the main choice of young professionals at the start of their career. If you’re one of them, definitely consider it as your next home.

      Check Our Reviews and Find Out Why Our Company Has the Best Movers from San Francisco

      The moment you decide to relocate to SF or move out of it, we are sure it will be difficult to research all moving companies in San Francisco that could possibly provide you with the required assistance. For that reason, make sure to start your search by reading reviews on Google, Yelp, and similar websites, and ask your friends and family for recommendations on reliable San Francisco moving companies. No matter if you want to relocate to or from SF, keep in mind that our company can help you with both.

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      Now you know all the advantages of living in SF and all the assistance our company can provide, there are no more excuses left for postponing to contact us and book your relocation day! Organizing moves is something we’ve been doing for decades. Call us today or send us an online request for a free cost estimate, and our support team will be happy to answer your questions and help you decide what type of relocation assistance you need.

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