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Are you in the process of moving from Atlanta? Have you already chosen a moving company? Cross Country Movers has all you will need to move from Atlanta to any other place in the US, and more! First of all, let us give you some insight into our business and services we provide. Later on, you can read more about a town of our choice, someplace we feel like was suitable for a moving destination. Here is the list of things we can assist you with:
- home relocation
-corporal or business relocation
-international relocation
-shipment tracking
-professional packing services
-additional storage space
-moving supplies
-vehicle transportation

Have you already started packing your bags for the move? Perhaps you cannot think of a right place to relocate your family to, or you aren’t sure where to start looking. Be patient, because we have prepared something for you in the following lines. You can check out this relocation suggestion, or search for more moving destinations on our site, where you can also find an in-depth description of the abovementioned moving services. You can look for a moving quote there as well, a service that is entirely free and only a click away. Are you ready to read about our city of choice? We are proud to present you the city of Santa Ana, California.

Santa Ana, CA

Although not the single largest city in the county, the city of Santa Ana has the honor of bearing the title of the seat for the Orange County. Packed on a relatively small patch of land, Santa Ana ranks high as one of the most densely populated places in the US, just behind New York City, Boston, and San Francisco.
When it comes to population stats, here are some of the more interesting details we’ve managed to compile during our research:

- Nearly 31% of the population of Santa Ana is under 18 years old, which makes it officially one the youngest cities in the nation.
- This Southern California settlement is home to 330 thousand people, most of whom come from various backgrounds and ethnicities.
- Based on the quality of life, as well as criminal activity, Santa Ana was ranked the fourth safest city in the USA by Forbes.
- Historically, Santa Ana has to thank the Santa Ana Army Air Base which was built during the Second World War, as it contributed to the continued population growth in Santa Ana and the rest of Orange County as many veterans moved to the area to raise families after the end of the war.

Geography and Weather

Researching the surrounding area of the city, you can discover a bizarre occurrence. Namely, the city isn’t the only geographical entity that carries the name after Saint Anne. There are toponyms in the area such as the Santa Ana Mountains, Santa Ana River, there once was a Santa Ana Valley, but nowadays there is the Santa Ana Interstate (I-5), even the Santa Ana Winds!
The city has a hot, semi-arid climate, with hot and dry summers you won’t miss from back home. Contrary to Arizona’s desert-like climate, Santa Ana has winters, although consisting almost entirely of rainy days, and snow being the once in a blue moon type of occurrence.
The location of this city is very favorable, as it is in close vicinity to the California coast, some 10 miles away, as well as rivers, motorways, mountains and such. Santa Ana is nested on flat, low-lying plains with little land elevation change. Santa Ana is also a financial center, with 25 banks and 57 savings and loan associations. The city’s motto states: ’Education First.' And while on the topic of education, let’s list some of the most notable universities and campuses in the Santa Ana area.

Trinity Law School 
California Coast University
William Howard Taft University 

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