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Los Angeles Cross Country Movers is one of the top recommended long distance moving service providers in the United States.

Our Customer Stories

Thousands of people move with Cross Country Movers every year, and these are just some of their stories.

Morgan O.
  • Morgan O.

    I have plenty of antique furniture, and I was surprised to see how they handled it all. I was observing carefully, and from what I’ve seen, they seem to know what they’re doing, so it was definitely worth every cent.

    Izzy J.
  • Izzy J.

    As someone who moves frequently, I have worked with numerous companies. But now, I am pretty sure I finally found the one I will gladly hire again. Well done, Cross Country Movers!

    Michael P.
  • Michael P.

    Thank you for professional and timely service, my family couldn’t have done this without the best crew in the moving industry. Just keep rocking, I mean, moving!

    Julia K.
  • Julia K.

    I had loads of stuff, and these guys packed it all in no time! Don’t know how they did it. I wish they were there to unpack though, seriously, you need to include that service ASAP!

    Jennifer S.
  • Jennifer S.

    They were very careful with everything, especially with glassware and other fragile items, I am impressed by how they wrapped and packed everything so promptly. I will certainly consider hiring them again for my next relocation.

    David M.
  • David M.

    I just moved out of my parents’ place with these guys. They are the best, special thanks to them. I just wish I could tip them more.

    Dereck T.
  • Dereck T.

    Everything was fine, although I expected that they would be able to deliver a bit earlier than arranged, but ok, it was still a pleasant experience.

    Meghan R.
  • Meghan R.

    Absolutely exceeded my expectations, stellar service. Everything was as agreed and on time, easily one of my best moving experiences so far. I highly recommend Cross Country Movers to anyone who’s tired of unprofessional scammers.

    Chuck P.
  • Chuck P.

    I am very happy with how they managed everything, even my wife was impressed, which says a lot. We are a big family with a lot of children, so we have a lot of unnecessary stuff, but we like to drag them wherever we move, so special thanks to these guys for sticking through, packing it all, and shipping to our new home.

    Joan M.
  • Joan M.

    I like to think that I have finally been rewarded for years of dealing with scamming moving companies and that God sent me to Cross Country Movers. I could write a book about all the bad experiences I have, so it is safe to say that I was a bit skeptical. But these guys proved me wrong. There are trustworthy companies, after all!

    Mickey L.
  • Mickey L.

    My friends warned me that I should not move during the summer, but I still wanted to do it. Luckily, Cross Country Movers managed to find some time for me and help me move closer to the beach and have the best summer ever. Warm regards from the sunny West Coast.

    Tim B.
  • Tim B.

    I can’t believe I hit the jackpot on the moving lottery from the first shot! It all happened so quickly. I got a job offer on Monday and decided to leave everything and book my relocation on Wednesday. Cross Country Movers were there for me and guided me through the entire process since I never really moved out of my hometown, nor did I have the time to do the research. I am more than grateful to them.


    Moving out of Phoenix across country

    Phoenix Movers are happy to help you with your cross country move from Phoenix by offering some excellent moving services. You will get to pick and choose the ones you need. If you need professional moving advice, contact Phoenix Movers, and our representatives will be happy to help you. In order to assist you properly, we will need some information about your move, such as your requirements and budget. In the end, we want you to be satisfied with our moving company. That is why we will try to meet all your needs regarding your long distance relocation. When we have enough information about you want, we will devise a moving plan together with you.

    Most of our customers opt for our packing service. Packing is a tedious task that can easily become chaotic if you are not experienced. If you’ve never done it before or don’t know how to protect your items from damage, hire Phoenix Movers. We will take great care of your belongings, no matter how fragile or bulky they are. Using only the best moving equipment and moving supplies, Phoenix Movers will protect, pack, and load all of your belongings into our moving truck.

    Long distance moving to Phoenix

    If you would like to ship your car with you to your new home, we can assist you by handling the whole car shipping process for you. In fact, we can transport pretty much any type of vehicle. Tell us your desired destination and pick the auto transport services you need. Would you like to know the auto transport price in advance? You can easily find out by requesting a free shipping estimate. All that is left to do now is to choose between an open carrier and an enclosed one, as well as between door to door and terminal to terminal delivery. For additional information, contact our Phoenix Movers.

    If you need additional information or instructions to organize your long distance relocation, click here. And if you are ready for your cross country move, get in touch with Phoenix Movers today to set the date!

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