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Is moving to Minnesota a good idea? Absolutely! Minnesota is a first-class country in every way. You would be very much welcomed here. And you decided to call Saint Paul your new home. But, the distance between Saint Paul and Santa Ana is not small, and that relocation will be a severe situation. The Cross Country Moving Company will provide you the most reliable transporting services in the country.
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So, you are leaving Santa Ana, California, and considering moving to Saint Paul in Minnesota? In the following article, you will find some information about Saint Paul.

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Saint Paul, the capital and second-most populous city in Minnesota with more than 300,000 residents. Saint Paul lies mostly on the east bank of the Mississippi River in the area surrounding its point of confluence with the Minnesota River and adjoins Minneapolis.
The climate of the city is predominantly continental with wide seasonal temperature variations, ranging from minus 30 degrees to 100 degrees and above. Winters are usually cold and snowy, while summers are warm to hot and humid.
Saint Paul is a city with very vibrant and unique neighborhoods, where the people and businesses residing here make up the core of Saint Paul's soul. The city is partially governed by 17 City Districts. If you have the family, you should try to find the home in one of the suburbs, like Roseville, Shoreview, or Vadnais Heights. Click here  to find out all information about communities in the city.
Education is essential in this part of the country so you will not have to worry about educational opportunities once you relocate in Saint Paul. This city is second in the United States in the number of higher education institutions per capita. Three public and eight private colleges and universities and five post-secondary institutions call Saint Paul home. Well-known colleges and universities include:
-The Saint Catherine University  
- Concordia University  
- Hamline University  
- Macalester College  
- The University of St. Thomas  

If you still didn’t find a job in Saint Paul, you should know that local educational institutions assure employers of well-trained workers, particularly in high-technology areas, where engineers, scientists, researchers, and technicians are in demand. The highest growth is expected in the areas of healthcare, technical and social services, personal care, construction, and computer professional occupations.
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