We are Cross Country Movers

And we are like that one friend call whenever you need some help. Need answer? We got them!


Look guys, I’m moving. And it stresses me a lot. Can you help?

Sure! Whether you just want to get familiar with the process, get to know us, or you’re ready to go, we are here to help.


I don’t have packing supplies. Does a plastic bag count?

No, it doesn’t. We have all the boxes, tape, cushion foam and bubble wrap you need. Pro tip – bubble wrap doubles as a stress relief.


I’m not sure how to safely pack my LCD TV. Can I roll it in a blanket?

We all have that one thing that needs some TLC. Our movers are quite experienced in taking care of fragile stuff so you can rest easy.


My lease has expired. Can you take care of my stuff until I find a new apartment?

That’s alright. If you’re not sure when you’re moving in, or just want to finish painting the rooms, your stuff is safe in our storage until you’re settled.


How do I know that you guys are reliable?

The only thing we’re not good at is bragging. So here’s what others have to say about us.


You’re not going to charge me extra for something I haven’t agreed to, are you?

Not a chance — the moving agreement locks your expenses and ensures that you’re paying only the amount you’ve agreed to.


But I also have a car. And a bike.

Let’s put it this way, we can move anything except your lawn.


I still need to think about it. Can I ask you some more questions?

We don’t have answers to the deepest existential questions, but we know moving as the back of our hands. So don’t hesitate to call us and ask everything you want to know about it.


Let’s move!

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