Now that you’ve decided on moving to Portland, you will surely be excited by the entire relocation process. Especially so if you’ve never moved before, though you may find yourself somewhat overwhelmed by all the tasks you’ll have to handle now. On top of everything, you’ll want to find out more about the largest place in the state of Oregon that you’re going to call home soon.

Did you know that Portland’s rainy climate is ideal for growing roses? So much that this fact earned it one of its most famous nicknames – the City of Roses. Besides, the place is known across the world as a liberal and progressive bastion, while its environmentally-conscious local policies led to a high quality of life.

But before you settle down, there are a lot of other things you should know about this place, such as the cost of living, job opportunities, transportation options, overall safety, etc. But regardless of whether you’re relocating for a new job or if you’ve decided to move with your family and settle down, the PDX is full of possibilities and it’s there for you to explore it.

The Cost of Living Is Above Average but so Is the Quality of Life

The cost of living in Portland can vary wildly depending on your lifestyle, your needs, and your preferences, but it’s generally above the US average. However, the town makes up for it with a high standard of life, while the average income is around $4000 above the national average.

If you’re planning on buying real estate in the Little Beirut, the location will also profoundly affect the range of home prices. Keep in mind that any property closer to the center will cost more than the suburbs and outskirts. If you’re using auto transport services and taking your car to your new home, getting a house which is a bit further away might be a good idea.

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