Did you know that some of San Francisco high schools are ranked among the top ten in California? This makes moving to San Francisco with a kid an idea worth considering. It is good to know that schooling in SF and the entire Bay Area is of excellent quality.

However, that’s not enough – you want to know which of the many educational institutions there are at the top, what it takes to enroll in one, where the highest academic performance is, and so on. Let us clear any doubts you might have and help you make the right choice. Let’s start with the difference between private and public institutions, to begin with, and then suggest which ones to take into consideration.

Private vs. Public High School in SF

What’s interesting to know about the public schooling system is that students are not necessarily enrolled in a school just based on their residential address. Keep this in mind when choosing among the best neighborhoods in San Francisco. There’s no use in picking an area based on how close good schools are if your child ends up in a whole other one.

Nonetheless, you will have a chance to submit a list of a couple of your preferred ones. San Francisco Unified School District actually requires a selection application based on which the child will be assigned to an educational institution.

As for private schools, know that these are rather pricey, so when you start planning the moving budget, add these expenses, too. They are also quite strict, and only those who pass the rigorous testing and interviews can hope to be accepted.

Top-Ranked San Francisco High Schools

When you pick among the best places to live in San Francisco, it’s time to find the perfect school for your teenager, too. Moving with kids requires additional preparation, and this is one of the most important aspects to pay attention to for every parent. So, before you get down to packing or hire San Francisco relocation experts to provide you with professional packing services, make sure you’ve taken care of your child’s education in the new city. You can use some tools to check how safe your neighborhood is, but what about schooling? Consider some of the following.

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