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Moving from Concord


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Are you trying to find a suitable city to move to? Is Concord no longer interesting or suitable for your family? Have you thought about relocating to another state? We can help you through the moving process and guide you through every step of the way. Unless you’ve found your moving company already, stick around to find out more about the services we provide at Cross Country Movers. And even if you’re set on contracting some other moving company, you might want to find out more about the moving deals and services we offer. You can get your moving quote on our site, along with many ideas about planned packing, careful storing and moving advice. Here are only some of many amenities we are willing to offer you:
-Auto shipping
-Packing and unpacking
-International shipping
-Residential relocation
-Corporal/Business relocation
-Additional storage
-Moving boxes and supplies
You should know that our services are available to you without any hidden fees or surprises. What you sign up for, is what we deliver and bill. You can also track your shipment with our 24/7 Shipment Tracking service. Whether you settle for full residential moving, corporal moving, or just shipping, we can be of assistance. You can also ask for additional help with movers/shippers, professional packers, moving tips from experts and so much more. Learn more with us, as we explore one of the more requested destinations lately, Syracuse, New York.

Syracuse, NY

What is unique about Syracuse? Syracuse has the longest running, and the most fun, State Fair in the country, which records say, started in 1848. The largest known city with the name Syracuse is the county seat of Onondaga County, New York, in the United States. Syracuse was named after the original Greek city Syracuse (Siracusa in Italian), a town on the eastern coast of the Italian island of Sicily. In the US alone there are six more towns whose toponyms are the same, but not quite as large and populated as the fifth most populous city in the state of New York. The most recent census data collected shows the stagnation at around 143 thousand people living in Syracuse city core, but its metropolitan area reports numbers of around 660 thousand. http://www.syracuse.com/statefair/  


Its economy has faced challenges over the past decades as industrial jobs have left the area. The number of local and state government jobs also has been declining for several years. However, the Forbes rated Syracuse 4th in the top 10 places in the U.S. to raise a family in 2010. The City of Syracuse officially recognizes 26 neighborhoods within its boundaries. It is the economic and educational hub of Central New York, which is a region with over a million inhabitants. They are also proud of the Carrier dome, the largest domed stadium on any college campus. Here is the home to the Syracuse basketball, football, and lacrosse teams, In fact, it’s the largest domed stadium in the whole of Northeast! http://carrierdome.com/  


Unlike the very warm Mediterranean island, Syracuse receives the most annual average snow of any metropolitan area in the United States. Syracuse is a "super-green city," with top rankings in National Geographic and Popular Science.Onondaga Creek, a waterway that runs through downtown, flows northward through the city. The creek is navigable, yet can be quite a challenge as its channelized nature speeds up its flow, particularly in the spring.

Get your suitcases out, because it’s time to move to Syracuse! Here at Cross Country Movers, you can contact us via email, telephone or through our site, where you can also see more of our offers, cities, reviews and free estimates. Don’t keep the future waiting, save yourself some time by booking us for your relocation in advance. 
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